What is it?

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Painted nails,

Sketched faces,

Plastered smiles,

Uncovered bodies,

Blood-smeared hands,

Honesty ends.

Prejudieced opinions,

Persisting racism,

Viscious intentions,

Greedy interventions,

Virtual life,

Sexual assault,

Merciless stance,

Facebook romance,

Evolving technology,

Undying poverty,

Fading religion.

Is that a society?
What is it?

An invading thought •01


When actions speak louder than words then why is a pen mightier than a sword?

We have all been hearing the cliche expression, “actions speak louder than words” and are apparently in doldrums when we hear such banal quotes. While I was making running notes in a lecture, this absurd statement crossed my mind, “a pen is mightier than a sword.” A sword is analogous to action and a pen to words. This judgement draws me to a state of confusion and conclusion that words exert more power than actions which blatantly contradicts the former quote.
These contrary expressions are gnawing my brain ever since I thought of them.

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