Eat late but still lose weight!


With extended work and post-work obligations, we seldom don’t touch our meal before 9pm. While that might be true, it is also true when we start eating late night meals, we can’t control ourselves from swallowing down huge morsels of food because the pangs of hunger are so massive that we end up with a protruding belly and lots of fat belts all over our body. People say the key to weight loss is to eat less. But nutritionists say there is a secret way in which you can both eat late as well as control weight. It’s not about the time at which you eat, it’s about what’s hiding in your plate. If you are compelled to have late night meals, here’s what you must keep in mind if you want to keep your weight in check.

Don’t skip dinner

Not one of your best ideas. By skipping dinner, you are keeping your stomach from performing its task. If you go to bed with a growling stomach, you might have trouble sleeping. Your hunger will force you to get up after some hours and force you to feed your stomach. No matter how late it gets, skipping your meal cut back weight is not a good option. Skipping any one of your meals causes the sugar level in your body to rise up. You start feeling more tired and less active. It slows your metabolism and intellectual as well as emotional functioning. You lose your ability to focus. Remember when you deny your body for food, it keeps asking you for more.

Carbohydrates on your plate -NO

Dinner should consist of green veggies, protein-rich slim meal. Fatty foodstuff like meat and fish will cause numerous problems. Avoid oily food. Avoid Mexican, Thai, Chinese and fast foods. Avoid chocolate too. You can munch on fiber rich food like nuts because they tend to pass slowly through your stomach and keep you full for a long period.

Go for snacks

All snacks are not created equal. They are easy to digest and good enough to fill your stomach. You can sleep on sandwiches, popcorn, yoghurt, crackers, biscuits, a bowl of cereals and so many other snacks that you love. Fruits are filling and make great late night snack. Eat raw fruits like orange, banana, Apple, berries and grapes. If you don’t want something delicious, make a fruit salad or dice your fruit and eat it with low-fat yoghurt or butter.

Eating late and losing weight is possible!

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