Improve Concentration, Improve Life!

Failures are not a result of your inability to work but of poor concentration and focus.


Concentration and memory are two of the most important functions of the brain. They promote critical thinking, help in effective decision making and accompanies you in reaching the zenith of success. Oftentimes we forget to wear our glasses or where we have parked our cars. This is because our mind was not focused in the first place. We forget to add salt in food and sometimes are confused while deciding what to eat or whom to vote for. Concentration is a feature of a sharp mind. It takes time to focus intensely on your work but half an hour of effort will pay off well. As we mature, we start losing memory and the capability to pay attention. We start using sticky notes and reminders to be aware of things that need to be done. But does that really increase your concentration?

Although difficult, cultivating focus, attention and concentration is not impossible. To begin with, you should stay physically fit by proper intake of nutrients and vitamins through a balanced diet, regular exercise and a minimum of 6 hours of sleep.

I’m going to share with you some worthy and valuable tips. If you follow them diligently, I’m sure you will achieve whatever you want.


Health is success – Your body affects the way you think. For e.g., consuming too much oil results in oily skin and heart diseases while a poor diet will decrease effective functioning of your brain. Include protein and calcium rich food, wake up early, cut down on your bad habits such as smoking and drinking and you will eventually notice the changes that will seep in your life.

Plan, Plan, Plan – Break down roadblocks that hinder your thinking process. Write down the things that annoy and disturb you. Similarly, work your day in advance so you know when to do what. If necessary, make use of sticky notes and set reminders but don’t completely rely on them.

Stay away from things and people that no longer serve you – Isolate yourself. If you know people are going to distract you while you work, shut yourself out until you complete your work. Switch off your phone if you need to and request people not to disturb you while you are at your work. Getting into a state of concentration takes 15-20 minutes but if you are constantly disturbed, how are you going to concentrate? Also, shut out disturbing memories – memories of someone’s death or departure. This is the time to focus.

Pick your environment – For me, my study table is the place where ideas rain in my mind. For you, it may be your garden or your balcony. Pick a place where you feel most at ease and where the possibility of disturbance is least.

Know what you’re working on/for – if you are not clear with your goals, is there any sense of locking yourself up and trying to do something which you have no idea about? Know if it’s your project or homework or writing a program or anything that matters to you the most. Divide your task into smaller tasks and focus on one at a time.

Procrastination is the thief of time–DO NOT DELAY! Set a deadline- A timeframe within which you will get your work done. This will increase your focus and concentration. A tight deadline is a savior when you lose sight of the bigger picture.

As it is rightly said , The formula for success is simple! Practice and concentration and MORE PRACTICE AND MORE CONCENTRATION.”

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