The Versatile Blogger Award.


It feels so great to be nominated for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD by a Versatile blogger like Syanaz! Thank you Syanaz for giving me this moment of glory.

Here are the rules:
🔥 thank the person who has nominated you.
🔥link their blog to your post.
🔥write 7 random facts about you.
🔥nominate 15 great bloggers.

💖seven random facts about me💖

💣 I’m a moody wreck. I can slip into a mode of trauma from a state of bliss without anything really happening. An extremist. 😁 haha.
💣 I think about the smallest of problems like there’s no tomorrow.
💣 Watched the movie Inside Out? I AM that cute character “sadness”.
💣 When I hear about my friends complaining about life, I start complaining too.
💣 When angry I will swallow whoever is trying or not trying to mess with me.
💣 When happy, I will smilimgly accept everything!! Even if you slap me and hit me, I’ll be jumping with happiness.
💣 Books and music does wonders to me.
💣 If you haven’t  noticed, this is the eighth fact. I’m supposed to write seven! What are you looking at silly? Start nominating already!

I nominate:
🔅Dream big, dream often
🔅Empire of good
🔅Mundane musings
🔅Cross over the road
🔅Devika Agarwal
🔅siddhi mishti
🔅Redefining Random
🔅Glorious results of a misspent youth

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