Ditch the denim this monsoon

Rock the rain with dresses, culottes, and vibrant outfits.

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When Harry Winston said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while,” he definitely meant to dress in a way that would single you out from the crowd. He also meant breaking the ‘seasonal’ fashion legacy that people so rigidly follow every three months. For instance, pairing up dull and dark colors during monsoons and playing it floral during summers. You get the picture.Taking your pick can be confusing, especially during monsoons when the weather gives you lazy and gloomy vibes. Sure, fashion is comfort (as Hrithik Roshan repeatedly tells us in his Liberty Shoes ads) and here is a list of style-friendly comfy options that you may want to try.

  1. Ditch the denim

Jeans, Pants, Trouser Buttons, Clothing, Blue JeansWho doesn’t like getting into a pair of denim? Though denim thrown in with a T-shirt makes for a go-to style, keep it locked up in your closet. The logical reason being, denim has a thick fabric and takes a lot of time to dry, you may want to opt for loose fit bottoms like palazzos, skirts, trousers, and culottes. Denim also has a tendency to cause skin irritations if worn wet for a long time. That’s another reason for you to welcome snug outfits in your wardrobe.

  1. Dresses are your best friends

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Maxis, shirt dresses, drawstring dresses and the like are a must this season. Drawstring dresses can give you a street look while tunics and maxis will dry off quickly, in case you get soaked. Another option to try is waist dresses with ties at the sides or the back to give you a chic look. You can also try lace panels and stripes if you want to go with the trend. Midi dresses with kimono sleeves are another go-to if you are having a dress code.

  1. Give a twist to your Indian look

Related imageIf Indian kurtas fit in your comfort zone, give the look a twist by pairing A-line tops with palazzos. Asymmetric kurtas, long and loose fitting clothes are the most suitable outfits you must experiment with. You can also opt for short kurtas with a pair of cotton trousers for a corporate look.

  1. Embrace everything short

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Crop tops, shorts, short to medium length skirts would work best if you like taking a stroll in the rain. Pair your crop tops with culottes as they not only cause heads to turn but also make a chic fashion statement. To cover yourself from the downpour, go for waterproof jackets, hoodies and trench coats. If you cannot bear the cold, you can go for sweatshirts and pair them with slim trousers or culottes.

  1. Bring smiles with bright hues

Colorful, Colors, Fabrics, Design, Pattern, TextureStoring bright shades for the sun is a myth. This monsoon is all about pop colors and you can definitely see them around. Monochromes such as red, blush, cherry, and pop colors like yellow and orange will grab people’s attention. Avoid white as rain marks can be seen quite visibly on it. Besides, you can’t guarantee if you will always stay safe from mud being splashed on your clothes by a passing vehicle. If not for clothes, you can pick bright hues for your rain-wear like coats, jackets, and boots.

  1. Be a minimalist with shoes

Shoes speak louder than words, of course. This also means that wearing the wrong kind of shoes can make you look worse. Keep it minimal with light and comfortable flip-flops, vibrant crocs, and rubber footwear. You can also pick nude shades for gladiators and open ballerinas if you want to up your style. Avoid tight footwear that absorbs water as it may cause bacterial growth.So, peel yourself away from the age-old monsoon look and bring a wave of freshness in your style. Because people will stare and, well, you know the rest!

Why is it so difficult to say NO.

Rejection appears to be the foremost cause of Failure as well as Success. It is that two letter word ‘NO’ that have shattered the dreams of many but have also made some reach greater echelons of life. Nonetheless, it is not easy to turn yourself away from those who, with hope and expectations high in their minds come to you to seek a favour, some help et al. It is not easy to say no to those whose circumstances are alien to you. 

Say No Positively

But tasting pain and rejection is an essential part of this chain called life. It’s the lethal bitterness that makes us appreciate what’s sweet. After all, we are humans equipped with reasoning and logic and we must come to terms with all the aspects of this humanity. 
Saying No is difficult and listening to it is beyond comprehensible limits. For instance, an xyz man may apply for his dream job for an xyz post in an xyz organization. He may file his resume with the anticipation of getting selected. He may pray for that, even. A ‘No’ or ‘Application Rejected’ is likely to agonize him. Either he may try harder or indulge in self destructive behavior like substance abuse, trauma, anxiety etc.  
Being polite, honest and humble is the first prerogative of breaking bad news, of saying NO. Tell them that they missed by 10%, that they are likely to achieve the desired target if they try harder and come back next time or you’re very sorry for it but you are sure that they are likely to excel some place else. 
Saying No is not easy, but sometimes necessary and inevitable. 

Gender neutral toys?

Yes Maleism

Boys play with guns and girls play with dolls. This has forever been the idea and the marketing strategy of toy producing companies all over the world. Because girls indeed like to play with dolls and boys with guns, companies have to market their products in a way that will appeal their target group.

Feminists have had a problem with everything men do. From the way they sit, the way they look, the clothes they wear, the way they tie their shoelace, the color they like to now the toys that they play with. This spreading umbrella of feminism has made manufacturers think twice before coming out with another clone of barbie or another model of an AK-47!

For instance, a Swedish toy making company has released what they are calling a ‘gender neutral’ catalogue. But what they really have done is reversed gender roles by taking guns away from…

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Dinner Date..


Everything was just falling apart, their marriage, their bond everything. All the things that were once so dear to both of them meant nothing to them now. They never realized when love which they felt so strongly for each other just vanished into thin air, but it did and that too within 2 years of getting married. When everyone else were falling in and out of love all around the campus they were the ones whose love only grew with time. They were the couple who were destined to last forever. If only life was so simple and people less complicated. With marriage, problems crept in their lives, not a single day has passed wherein they don’t get into an argument which ends up into a screaming match between the two. It was not suppose to end like this they both knew it, but they couldn’t find the courage to…

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LifeEventsObservation IS alive


It’s been a while, a long long while since I have blogged about a thing. It isn’t that I’m busy or writing takes up a lot of my time. Well, it does sometimes but..

And it isn’t that I don’t know what to write. I have so many ideas thumping in my mind but, the problem is, all of them vanish or get mixed up with other ideas that it becomes difficult for me to segregate one from another. And by the time I’m done with recalling my ideas, it’s time for me to sleep or go to work. A bad reason, isn’t it? I’m not sure if you guys still remember a blog called “Lifeeventsobservation” which used to be so alive sometime ago and now its holding onto life. An hour ago, I wrote an article on facing challenges and I’ll post it here once it’s published. But am I really motivated? My blog seems to be in a daze, like Mr. Gaunt from needful things have hypnotized it. Those who have read Stephen King’s Needful things will understand what I mean. By the way, I read an amazing thriller called Needful things. There’s a movie on it, I’ve watched that too and I must say its disappointing. There might not be advanced equipments and technology back then to depict the story realistically. Are you guys on Twitter? 

Do let me know your ID and pour topics on me so I can deliver some amazing content. 

Crying is good for health!



We cry when we are sad, when we feel vulnerable. Or sometimes we cry when we are happy. But we cry, once in a while, we all weep and sob. Letting tears flow in front of others embarrasses us but after a good cry, we feel cleansed and purified. Sometimes there is nothing to make you feel better than crying.
How long has it been since you’ve last cried? We give you ten good reasons to wail and moan and let the trickles of tears flow down your cheeks.


Have you ever noticed that after a good cry, a wave of relief passes through us? Research has found out that tears of stress and tears of particles irritating your eyes are not the same. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is released when you are under a lot of stress. Crying provoked by stress helps you get rid of this stress causing chemical. It can improve vision, can kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria in just five to 10 minutes.


An emotional downpour is a lot better than hiding your sorrow deep within your heart. We cannot hide our feelings forever. One day, we have to come to terms with our loss and let go. It will be in your best interest if you let go quickly. Better late than never!



Tears are the mark of power. It is a language the universe understands. Tears are the messengers of love, of grief, of pain. Confronting with your past and with your loss will definitely help you move ahead in life.


People who cry know the healing power of tears. Crying allows for an overall release of bad emotion. We think more clearly and our brain is not clogged with all the emotional trauma.


A mineral called manganese is responsible for our mood. High levels of manganese can cause stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotional disturbances etc. Crying lowers a person’s manganese level and lifts up the mood. It is 30 times more concentrated in tears than in blood.
Never be ashamed or afraid to express your feelings and never ever feel weak when you cry because it proves that you are a human. And humans feel!
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Happy New year!

2015 is dead. We have lived past yet another 365 days and breathed 21,900 minutes. It is a time to raise our glasses and cheer for the achievements we have accomplished, if any. It is a time for celebration. Beautiful memories have been made and sorrowful tears have been shed. The worst is over. Yet, it is a time for grievance. For what we resolved to do but, didn’t. For what we have set out to do 365 days ago. For the broken promises we made with our solemn selves.

2016 will bring a wave of opportunities, of hopes, of dreams, of possibilities. The choice is ours. Either to make the most of it or to let it pass by, the way we did in 2015. We are going to open the first blank page of a 365 page book. Hope we write a good one. Hope we take the road less travelled. Hope we pursue our dreams and supervene our resolutions which have been, perhaps involuntarily, shooed away somehow, somewhere. A new year is going to open up chances for a better life, which cannot be harnessed with the same ancient habits. Few things look better, when changed.

A lot had trespassed. 2015 had given us ample to cry over and plenty to laugh at. Each of us has a unique story to relate. Many had bade our loved ones goodbye while many had found the love of their lives. An untraveled path to a mysterious destination is going to unfold. We need to know that everything happens for a reason. None can trample the past. It has shaped our present and our present will shape our future.

So make sure, you take your decisions wisely. You face your challenges bravely. And you accept your defeats happily. Summon up all your senses and carve your little self into something you wished to be. Don’t forget the dreams (Mummy, when I grow up, I’ll be a pilot) you were so crazy about, as a seven-year old. Bring back that desirous and gung ho child back. Live your dreams. Rise in the eyes of others. Do it for your mother, or father, or wife or children. Do it for yourself. Make 2016 the best year of your life.

Wishing you a Happy And a Prosperous New Year

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Enthralling! One of the best poems I’ve ever read.

Variety is the Spice of Life


Afloat, away, far afield


The pure, pearly water droplet

Set sail on the stray lotus leaf


When the wind hampered its path

The drop scattered to unite;

When the sun reached out

The drop magnified the green;

A little blow to one

Saviour, they could not be to the other.

When they perish

Unite they, being one with Nature

Said Soul to Body

“Let’s remain afloat, away far afield,

And I remain emblazoned…”

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