Why is it so difficult to say NO.

Rejection appears to be the foremost cause of Failure as well as Success. It is that two letter word ‘NO’ that have shattered the dreams of many but have also made some reach greater echelons of life. Nonetheless, it is not easy to turn yourself away from those who, with hope and expectations high in their minds come to you to seek a favour, some help et al. It is not easy to say no to those whose circumstances are alien to you. 

Say No Positively

But tasting pain and rejection is an essential part of this chain called life. It’s the lethal bitterness that makes us appreciate what’s sweet. After all, we are humans equipped with reasoning and logic and we must come to terms with all the aspects of this humanity. 
Saying No is difficult and listening to it is beyond comprehensible limits. For instance, an xyz man may apply for his dream job for an xyz post in an xyz organization. He may file his resume with the anticipation of getting selected. He may pray for that, even. A ‘No’ or ‘Application Rejected’ is likely to agonize him. Either he may try harder or indulge in self destructive behavior like substance abuse, trauma, anxiety etc.  
Being polite, honest and humble is the first prerogative of breaking bad news, of saying NO. Tell them that they missed by 10%, that they are likely to achieve the desired target if they try harder and come back next time or you’re very sorry for it but you are sure that they are likely to excel some place else. 
Saying No is not easy, but sometimes necessary and inevitable. 

Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

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