Words of wisdom

If happiness is what you seek, you shall never find it . For happiness comes from within. Seeking it without, will be your folly.

How little do we know of people. True intentions are hidden, wrapped in layers of tissues in the boxes of memories. It isn't a veil or a masquerade that that reveal actuality by taking it off. It's something more. Something like a door within a door. Often we fail to find the keys, but for the most part, they are viciously kept out of our reach.
We take people at face-value
Don't bow the seeds of sorrow. It will thrive on you. It will steal you off your life. Plant joy instead. Watch it blossom. Let it's fragrance touch and heal impure minds and broken hearts.
Emotions are contagious
You and I, we both hold layers of secrets within ourselves.
Secrets pave way to despair
You don't have to look for a solutions. It's right in front of you, waiting to be made use of. All you need to do is, open your eyes.
Rather open your minds.
The road to fortune is never tedious. Take a step and you may know.
What is fortune?

Restarting with powerful words. 

How lethally Selfish have man become. Compassion is a long lost word. The sound of Gratitude rings hollow. Pity has ceased to exist. Emotions are synthetic and Joy is bogus.
Man is not what he appears to be. Man is what he does.
Be a wanderer. Visit mysterious places. Travel alone. Eat junk. Sleep on pavements. Talk shit. Dance in the Rain. Be someone's hero. Be someone's story. Walk among the tombstones. Be the one worth talking about. Steal. Chase. Run. Be a wanderer
Be you.

History and memory is the only evidence you have. History can be erased. Memory can not be trusted.

At the crack of dawn, ideas take birth, passions catch fire and heartaches multiply.
‘Tis the time