Cheap is chic! 7 best drugstore nude lipsticks you won’t get over!


With a heart-fluttering sale live on every other shopping platform, we’re left with hardly any penny in our pockets to go for high-end cosmetics. Luckily, there are some brands that offer the perfect nude lipsticks that are not only a dupe of your faves but offer complete value for money. With prices as low as these and no compromise, either on the quality or the color, these lippies are worth a steal!

Here are 7 best drugstore nude lipsticks you can never go wrong with!

  1. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick – Nude Nuance

Image result for Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick - Nude Nuance

One of the best nudes you should have in your collection, Nude Nuance is suitable for every skin tone, from fair to duskies. The application is smooth, the pigment is taut and the finish sensuous. Glide it on your lips and you won’t need a touch up for eight hours straight! The price is INR 299 so there’s no reason for you to complain about being broke.

  1. Nykaa So Matte! Mini Lipstick – Naughty Nude

Image result for Nykaa so matte naughty nude

As the name suggests, Naughty Nude is a playful shade that is a perfect fit for Indian skin tone with a yellow undertone. A comfortable matte with a creamy finish, the lipstick has a pinkish undertone and comes in cute packaging.

  1. Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color – Soft Mauve

Image result for Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color - Soft Mauve

Where do we begin? Born with the power of argan oil, this lippie delivers a soft shade with a creamy texture. It gives a smooth finish and is an everyday color. Whether you are on your way to the office or out shopping, you can glide on this shade without a second thought. Moisturizing effect and a beautiful fragrance are just other add ons.

  1. Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream – 13

Image result for Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream - 13

If you are looking for an effortless subtle pout, Miss Claire’s Soft Matte lipstick in the shade 13 is THE color for you! With its lightweight formula and smooth muted matte texture, it’s an everyday kinda lipstick that easily lasts for 3-4 hours. It costs INR 295 and is worth every penny.

  1. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Bare

Image result for Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick - Bare

A poppy bright nude shade with a hint of subtleness, Bare is simply the perfect nude shade for all skin types. Less is more and this shade proves it. A dead ringer with texture as smooth as Mac’s Ruby Woo, Bare is easy on the pocket and makes you feel your absolute best. And oh! It is infused with Vitamin E so you don’t have to worry about your lips being a base for harmful chemicals. Let the lips do the talking.

  1. Incolor Matte Me Ultra-Smooth Matte Lip Cream – 427

Grace your lips with the glory of Incolor’s Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream. A lipstick that glides right on, Incolor will give your lips a sophisticated matte finish that will flatter your skin color. It is an elegant color, smudge-proof and goes with attires of almost all colors.

With lipsticks as cheap and as amazing as these, you would never think of going for luxes!

Ditch the denim this monsoon

Rock the rain with dresses, culottes, and vibrant outfits.

Related image

When Harry Winston said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while,” he definitely meant to dress in a way that would single you out from the crowd. He also meant breaking the ‘seasonal’ fashion legacy that people so rigidly follow every three months. For instance, pairing up dull and dark colors during monsoons and playing it floral during summers. You get the picture.Taking your pick can be confusing, especially during monsoons when the weather gives you lazy and gloomy vibes. Sure, fashion is comfort (as Hrithik Roshan repeatedly tells us in his Liberty Shoes ads) and here is a list of style-friendly comfy options that you may want to try.

  1. Ditch the denim

Jeans, Pants, Trouser Buttons, Clothing, Blue JeansWho doesn’t like getting into a pair of denim? Though denim thrown in with a T-shirt makes for a go-to style, keep it locked up in your closet. The logical reason being, denim has a thick fabric and takes a lot of time to dry, you may want to opt for loose fit bottoms like palazzos, skirts, trousers, and culottes. Denim also has a tendency to cause skin irritations if worn wet for a long time. That’s another reason for you to welcome snug outfits in your wardrobe.

  1. Dresses are your best friends

Image result for dresses

Maxis, shirt dresses, drawstring dresses and the like are a must this season. Drawstring dresses can give you a street look while tunics and maxis will dry off quickly, in case you get soaked. Another option to try is waist dresses with ties at the sides or the back to give you a chic look. You can also try lace panels and stripes if you want to go with the trend. Midi dresses with kimono sleeves are another go-to if you are having a dress code.

  1. Give a twist to your Indian look

Related imageIf Indian kurtas fit in your comfort zone, give the look a twist by pairing A-line tops with palazzos. Asymmetric kurtas, long and loose fitting clothes are the most suitable outfits you must experiment with. You can also opt for short kurtas with a pair of cotton trousers for a corporate look.

  1. Embrace everything short

Image result for wrap top landscape

Crop tops, shorts, short to medium length skirts would work best if you like taking a stroll in the rain. Pair your crop tops with culottes as they not only cause heads to turn but also make a chic fashion statement. To cover yourself from the downpour, go for waterproof jackets, hoodies and trench coats. If you cannot bear the cold, you can go for sweatshirts and pair them with slim trousers or culottes.

  1. Bring smiles with bright hues

Colorful, Colors, Fabrics, Design, Pattern, TextureStoring bright shades for the sun is a myth. This monsoon is all about pop colors and you can definitely see them around. Monochromes such as red, blush, cherry, and pop colors like yellow and orange will grab people’s attention. Avoid white as rain marks can be seen quite visibly on it. Besides, you can’t guarantee if you will always stay safe from mud being splashed on your clothes by a passing vehicle. If not for clothes, you can pick bright hues for your rain-wear like coats, jackets, and boots.

  1. Be a minimalist with shoes

Shoes speak louder than words, of course. This also means that wearing the wrong kind of shoes can make you look worse. Keep it minimal with light and comfortable flip-flops, vibrant crocs, and rubber footwear. You can also pick nude shades for gladiators and open ballerinas if you want to up your style. Avoid tight footwear that absorbs water as it may cause bacterial growth.So, peel yourself away from the age-old monsoon look and bring a wave of freshness in your style. Because people will stare and, well, you know the rest!

Why is blogging important for career development?

Blogging is a baby step towards a full grown career as a writer.

I did not reckon the power of writing blogs until I got hired.

Writing + blogging + interest = money
Blog – For a boost to your writing career

 Men have been writing blogs all around the world, filling the fertile web space with words of wisdom. Apart from food, technology, poems, love, sports and musings, we have had blog posts on  reviews, makeup, music, cats, dogs, fake science, babies, funny babies, cute babies, ugly babies, and babies who had no thread of an idea what was being written on them. 

In spite of unnecessary and cruel words being splashed on blogs, websites and webpage, they have become more important for career development than ever before. Potential writers have been struggling with their lives, trying to find a job that will harness their skills. Hence, this blog for all those who are willing to know where to begin. 

Experience speaks for me and I’m giving you four point listicle that affirms why blogging is essential for a successful career in writing. 

1) It beautifies your portfolio 

Beautify is the incorrect term to use because a blog post does more than that. It adds value to your portfolio. For a writer, a strong portfolio comprises of the number of articles published, quality of writing and the number of reviews (likes, comments, share) she gets. 

2) It is the first thing a recruiter sees 

I’m not a great writer myself (a good one, you might say), but having worked for a couple of start ups have given me a concrete idea that recruiters do not give you a call, asking you to walk down for an interview merely on the basis of your resume. There’s something more to it. And that’s your blog. A recruiter will know that your sample articles will give him a glimpse of your best work but to know how you write on an average, he will visit your blog. A recruiter once told me, “I don’t see sample articles because I know what it will contain. I read blogs to get a hang of what the candidate writes, how she writes it and how it is liked by the blogger community.” That explains itself.

3) Practice makes perfect 

Coffee, book and pen
A book and a pen is all you need

A sportsperson feeds on practice to master his game, a singer rehearses regularly to train his vocals, likewise, a writer must write and read as much she can to improve. Don’t have the predetermined notion of what if I make grammatical errors, what will they think, what if someone else has written better than me on the same topic.. No! Whether it has been already written about, whether you are weak in vocabulary but strong with ideas and it’s execution, you have no reason to worry. Get on with it. Get over with it! Practice, read, learn from your mistakes. Failures and experiences are the best teacher. A hundred bad blog post doesn’t mean the end of your world. If you are hell bent on having the best blog in the world, no body will stop you. Attend workshops, research, talk to writers to help you get started. But accomplishments, you have to achieve alone. 

4) Get to know the blogging world 

It’s as easy as it sounds. You create a blog, you get a comment on your blog. You interact with the blogger, and you become friends! The blogger community is ever so friendly. It’s always there, open to welcome you a thousand times. For instance, I don’t blog for weeks but whenever I come up with a post, I’m treated as though I was never away. It’s wonderful to know how different bloggers craft their thoughts into words, into awesome poetry and fictional stories. You learn writing, you learn writing for different genres, you know how one mundane topic can be presented in different perspectives. It’s amusing. It’s a different world altogether. 

From a blogger, to a content writer, to a script writer and now a copywriter, I have experienced different phases of writing and continue to do so. I hold blogging liable for the way my career is being shaped. For if it wasn’t for this invincible and mini-world, I would have no place to showcase my ideas. 

Words of wisdom

If happiness is what you seek, you shall never find it . For happiness comes from within. Seeking it without, will be your folly.

How little do we know of people. True intentions are hidden, wrapped in layers of tissues in the boxes of memories. It isn't a veil or a masquerade that that reveal actuality by taking it off. It's something more. Something like a door within a door. Often we fail to find the keys, but for the most part, they are viciously kept out of our reach.
We take people at face-value
Don't bow the seeds of sorrow. It will thrive on you. It will steal you off your life. Plant joy instead. Watch it blossom. Let it's fragrance touch and heal impure minds and broken hearts.
Emotions are contagious
You and I, we both hold layers of secrets within ourselves.
Secrets pave way to despair
You don't have to look for a solutions. It's right in front of you, waiting to be made use of. All you need to do is, open your eyes.
Rather open your minds.
The road to fortune is never tedious. Take a step and you may know.
What is fortune?

Why is it so difficult to say NO.

Rejection appears to be the foremost cause of Failure as well as Success. It is that two letter word ‘NO’ that have shattered the dreams of many but have also made some reach greater echelons of life. Nonetheless, it is not easy to turn yourself away from those who, with hope and expectations high in their minds come to you to seek a favour, some help et al. It is not easy to say no to those whose circumstances are alien to you. 

Say No Positively

But tasting pain and rejection is an essential part of this chain called life. It’s the lethal bitterness that makes us appreciate what’s sweet. After all, we are humans equipped with reasoning and logic and we must come to terms with all the aspects of this humanity. 
Saying No is difficult and listening to it is beyond comprehensible limits. For instance, an xyz man may apply for his dream job for an xyz post in an xyz organization. He may file his resume with the anticipation of getting selected. He may pray for that, even. A ‘No’ or ‘Application Rejected’ is likely to agonize him. Either he may try harder or indulge in self destructive behavior like substance abuse, trauma, anxiety etc.  
Being polite, honest and humble is the first prerogative of breaking bad news, of saying NO. Tell them that they missed by 10%, that they are likely to achieve the desired target if they try harder and come back next time or you’re very sorry for it but you are sure that they are likely to excel some place else. 
Saying No is not easy, but sometimes necessary and inevitable. 

Frank Review Friday – ‘Bahubali : The Conclusion’ film review 

This is an honest film review of Bahubali: The Conclusion.

So finally the answer to ‘Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyu maara? (Why Katappa killed Bahubali) is out. Don’t hit the back button,  I’m not going to give you any spoilers. 

Katappa killing Bahubali
Now I know why Katappa killed Bahubali

Because of the hype surrounding Bahubali : The Beginning, I couldn’t keep myself from watching the movie. Released in cinemas in 2015, the first part was loved by the audience and it became such a massive hit that it is still being screened today. It was re-released on April 7, 2017 probably to give another chance to people like me who hadn’t watched it already. The second part has been released today (28 April, 2017). I had the pleasure to watch it ‘First Day First Show,’ although my seat was on the second row from bottom and my neck cramped by the time the movie ended. It was an excruciating experience but I enjoyed it thoroughly! 


To give you an overview, the theme goes like this – 

Story/Theme/Plot of Bahubali
For those who are lazy to watch the first part, here’s the story of the Film..


Genre – Action, Drama, Suspense 

Duration – 2 hours, 47 minutes  

Release date – 28th April, 2017

Cast – 

  • Prabhas as Shivudu alias Mahendra Baahubali and Amarendra Baahubali
  • Rana Daggubati as Bhallala Deva/Pallvalathevan
  • Anushka Shetty as Maharani Devasena
  • Tamannaah as Princess Avanthika
  • Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami
  • Sathyaraj as Karikala “Kattappa” Nadar
  • Nassar as Bijjaladeva
  • Directed by – S.S. Rajamouli 
  • Produced by – Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni

Sivagami From Bahubali
Sivagami ready to kill

 Bahubali : The Conclusion is a Sequel to Bahubali : The Beginning. In the first half, the plot revolves around the glory of Bahubali, his love story and the enmity of his brother Bhallala. The second half is based on the most awaited part – why Katappa killed Bahubali and the revenge that Bahubali’s son Mahendra seeks from Bhallala to free his mother Devasena. 

The first half has been depicted beautifully, with perfect cinematography and despite being dubbed in Hindi, the actors have done a commendable job. Bahubali falls in love with Devasana but at the same time his brother, Bhallala wants to marry her. This is the part when the climax builds up, when Bhallala is crowned as the kind and he, along with his father plots to kill Bahubali. 

Sivagami is in a conundrum, whether to fall prey to her instincts and emotions or to maintain the law and order of the Kingdom and punish her beloved Bahubali. When the iconic moment of Bahubali’s death occurs, the audience sits agape with tears in their eyes.

The movie ends on a positive note with Mahendra Bahubali, Bahubali’s son being crowned the King, the people of Maheshmati rejoicing and Devasena finally being released after 25 years of slavery. 

The audience hoots during Bahubali’s conquest, laughs at the witty parts, cries with the characters and claps when justice prevails. The movie cuts all barriers and connects deeply with the audience. The sound effects and Kailash Kher’s voice has played a major role in keeping the audience glued to their seats for 3 hours. The cinematography, characters, dialogues (especially Katappa’s), songs, screenplay everything has made Bahubali : The Conclusion far better than Bahubali : The Beginning. Right now, the shows are full house and it will be a week after you get to book your tickets. Watch the movie! It’s fun, it’s entertaining and full on Paisa-Wasool! I’m definitely going to watch it again. Jai Maheshmati!! 😀 

Bahubali : The Conclusion Pic Credits


Obviously, the over exaggeration that was evident in the first part too. Bahubali is a superhero, he can fly, he can stop an elephant, he can do the unimaginable, he has got the strength of a thousand men. I didn’t like how foolishly Sivagami distrusted Bahubali, ignoring the hints clearly laid out in front of her that Bhallala was a traitor. 


1. Katappa’s dramatis personae. Throughout both parts, he was never out of his character.

2. The story. How can I miss that! The story filled with laughter, victory, deceit and love has kept me intrigued and I’m going to read the novel on which it is based. 

3. Well, everything about Bahubali : The Conclusion is just amazing!

Ratings – 4.7 / 5 

Cast information taken from Wikipedia 

Gender neutral toys?

Yes Maleism

Boys play with guns and girls play with dolls. This has forever been the idea and the marketing strategy of toy producing companies all over the world. Because girls indeed like to play with dolls and boys with guns, companies have to market their products in a way that will appeal their target group.

Feminists have had a problem with everything men do. From the way they sit, the way they look, the clothes they wear, the way they tie their shoelace, the color they like to now the toys that they play with. This spreading umbrella of feminism has made manufacturers think twice before coming out with another clone of barbie or another model of an AK-47!

For instance, a Swedish toy making company has released what they are calling a ‘gender neutral’ catalogue. But what they really have done is reversed gender roles by taking guns away from…

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The Second World War fought from 1939 to 1945 was a bloody affair between most of the countries across the world. Sure, USA with the republican government and USSR with the communist government emerged as super powers, but only those who witnessed the Second World War really knew how it felt to lose millions of lives and see the economy of the country slump. In reality, each country was a loser.
In the wake of this brutal affair, the European Coal and Steel company started uniting countries of Europe to bring them together and promote peaceful relations between them. This coalition of countries was formed in 1993 under the name ‘European Union (EU).’
The first six countries which came together were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The European Union exterminated custom duties and agreed to pool in their agricultural resources so that no member country would starve to death. More and more countries started joining the European Union. Soon, a ‘Single Market’ was created so that countries would freely trade with each other without any trade barriers. There was freedom of movement of people, goods, services and money. In addition, money was sent to poor countries to enhance their economy and create job opportunities.

Countries in EU

Fast forwarding to 2012, the European Union was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for obvious reasons. However, due to fanaticism, bigotry and religious extremism rising from the Middle East, citizens started fleeing to European countries. This, in turn, gave rise to an increase in the number of refugees and European Countries became the target of terror attacks. This is one of the main reasons why Britain exited the European Union.

The global financial crisis of 2008, also known as the Great Recession crippled many economies. Inflation rose, taxes increased and rich countries of the EU such as the UK had to bail out their poor counterparts. In search of jobs, in search of peace and in search of permanent settlement, migration of people from poor countries to rich countries took place. The population of UK skyrocketed. This was the second major reason why Britain exited the European Union.


The first referendum in the UK was held in 1972 under the rule of the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson. This referendum was supposed to answer the question, “Should UK continue to be a part of the European union?” The population favored EU and 67% people voted to remain. Since then, UK was a member of the EU. 
The past few weeks saw disturbance, distress and distraction. It all began with the increased migration of people creating a dearth of jobs for local Britons. Britain could not handle these refugees and the pressure from opposition parties on the ruling party increased.
David Cameron called for a referendum because :
1) He wanted to preclude interference from the Euro sceptic anti-European UK Independent Party.
2) He was confident that people will not vote for ‘Brexit,(Britain’s exit from the European Union)’
the way it happened earlier.
The country landed into confusion. Should Britain vote out or continue to maintain 40 year old ties with the European Union? David Cameron warned the citizens against Brexit while United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage and former London Mayor Boris Johnson called the voting day ‘The Independence Day’ for Britain. People immediately connected with this patriotic sentiment, without bothering to understand the nagging effects Brexit could have. He also stoked fear among the population by claiming  “The Turks are coming.” Brexit could mean inflation, loss of access to the Single Market, loss of Export opportunities and a smaller mark in the world.


Britons, however failed to understand these consequences. There was a stampede of ideas, of opinions and of campaigns. Hours after a clueless population voted for Brexit, they googled what is EU? And what will happen now that we have voted to leave the European Union? Google search trends showed 250% increase apropos this question. People who voted for Brexit actually did not know what it was all about and after the results were out, they wished they could take back their votes.
Mr. Cameron said, “This is it. If we leave now, there’s no turning back.” But his advice fell on deaf years. On June 26, 2016, the results were announced. The country was divided. 51.9% voted Brexit while 48.1% voted to remain. The votes also clarified the sharp generation divide that exists in Britain. The young opted staying in while the old opted voting out. “We are not on Facebook, where things are complicated. We are married or divorced, but not something in between,” Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said.


Soon after Brexit, the value of pound went 30 years lower. The value of houses went 18% lower and many entrepreneurs lost money. The EU, as a whole is Britain’s major trading partner with 44% exports and 53% imports of goods and services. Britain will now have to find new trading partners. About 1.2 million Britons are living in other European countries without any hassle. This is going to change. In addition, the world is forced to tend to its scars that has occurred as a result of Brexit.


People are anguished and many are blaming the media. Because it was the media’s responsibility to mirror the society, to unveil the truth and not take sides. Instead of warning people, instead of clearly telling them what they were heading for, the media mollycoddled people’s decision to exit. The British media failed to do its job and is largely responsible for swaying public opinion. It missed the real story behind Brexit.
Apart from all these, Scotland is hurt. Scotland, being a part of Britain wanted to remain with European Union. Since UK, is heading for an exit, Scotland has no choice and no say in it, whatsoever. Besides, London, too wants to be a part of the European Union. Lakhs of people are signing a petition for a second referendum which is highly unlikely. Scotland is persisting to go solo. Also, Brexit is having a domino effect. Many EU countries wants a ‘UK-style referendum.’ EU countries are either going to be united stronger than ever or are going to step out one by one.
There are advantages of Brexit but so few, we can count them on our fingers. Britain will save some pounds by not contributing to the EU. Britain is loaded with ample opportunities to strike deals and find trading partners. There will be less regulations and migration will cease. If Britain wants to access the Single Market of EU, it will have to allow free movement of labor but that’s not why Brexit happened in the first place.
European Union is going to drop English as its official language. It is asking Britain to leave as early as possible. There will be negotiations but we do not know which side will gain more. Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned. Nigle Farage, one of the man behind coining Brexit, has also stepped down as the leader of UKIP. The fate of Britain, now rests in unknown hands.
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The NCAP (National Civil Aviation Policy) is a futuristic approach that is likely to boost India’s economy and improve regional connectivity. The policy is also expected to increase tourist activities.
Before the Modi-led NDA government approved the policy, domestic airlines were mandated to have 20 aircrafts and a minimum 5 years of experience in order to fly internationally.
The NCAP has scrapped away the 5/20 rule, replacing it with 0/20. Now, domestic airlines won’t have to wait for 5 long years to operate internationally. But they must have a fleet size of 20, deploying 20% of seat capacity locally.
The new clause also attempts to improve regional connectivity by offering cheap travel – Rs. 2500 for one hour flights. It has also cut down baggage costs to Rs. 100 per extra kg. However, the ambition to hike domestic tickets to 30 Million from 8 Million in 5 years seem distant and unreal.
The government is also expected to build 50-80 no frills airport in unreserved and unconnected areas, cities and towns that did not have an airport earlier. The government has, however, overlooked certain issues. There are questions about manufacturing 20 aircrafts, maintenance and spurring oil prices. Will it fuel ticket costs? The question remains unanswered. Albeit to its charismatic appeal, the NCAP has certain gaps that needs to be filled.
The policy that had been in a subject of battle, was opposed by legacy airlines viz. Air India, Spice Jet, and others as it will hamper their profits. Now, with the 5/20 rule abolished, newly born airlines viz. AirAsia and Vistara have a sizeable opportunity to multiply profits.
Though late by a few years, which is common in the Indian democracy, the civil aviation policy will hopefully help the country realize it’s true potential.

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