What is it?

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Painted nails,

Sketched faces,

Plastered smiles,

Uncovered bodies,

Blood-smeared hands,

Honesty ends.

Prejudieced opinions,

Persisting racism,

Viscious intentions,

Greedy interventions,

Virtual life,

Sexual assault,

Merciless stance,

Facebook romance,

Evolving technology,

Undying poverty,

Fading religion.

Is that a society?
What is it?

Things are beautiful until..

Until they end up with you, of course!

A week ago, I was invited for a party at my friend’s house which I would have enjoyed if she haven’t flaunted her lovely, stunning, beautiful, amazing, aesthetic, fabulous, divine finger ring. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was mine. I wanted it so badly and seeing it on my friend’s ugly hand, I was teleported to coma twice. Everyone was enjoying and I was pretending that I did. That ring didn’t leave my head for a second! It looked almost dreamlike. I haven’t liked anything more before. For once, I thought of stealing it away but shot the idea as soon as it came.
After the party was over , I went home and the first thing I did was convince my mom. I showed her the pic that I have taken after a lot of struggle and asked her to buy me the same ring. Then I pleaded. Then I begged. Then I was on my knees. After that, I threatened her to do awful things with myself until that goddamn ring wasn’t mine. I was its rightful owner after two days. Then what? I wasn’t jumping or dancing with happiness. I didn’t admire it all day either! I felt unremarkable and unexpectional! I got what I wanted,what more? What next?
I wrote about the incident and concluded that human beings can never be stastified. Their needs and desires will multiply but never come to an end. Comma will be a comma and not a full stop. Maybe it is true that the grass is always greener on the other side.

*note- my friend’s hand is not as ugly as I mentioned it to be. It’s monsterous!*