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Dear women, aren’t you outraged when men shamelessly stare at your body, try to touch you and pass dirty comments when you walk by? Why are we letting such things happen? Why is a women beaten, harassed, raped, killed and looked down upon? Why are we not doing anything for our countrywomen who are living at the mercy of their husbands? We should demand our rights for life and liberty. We should not let this torture become a legacy. 70% of the women in our country are the victims of rape and forced sex. It’s high time that we stop being a silent spectator. It’s time to act and the time is NOW!
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What is it?

Source: deviantart.com

Painted nails,

Sketched faces,

Plastered smiles,

Uncovered bodies,

Blood-smeared hands,

Honesty ends.

Prejudieced opinions,

Persisting racism,

Viscious intentions,

Greedy interventions,

Virtual life,

Sexual assault,

Merciless stance,

Facebook romance,

Evolving technology,

Undying poverty,

Fading religion.

Is that a society?
What is it?

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