She was beaten up like an animal and stuck with filthy words, words that had the ability to humiliate you to death. Her parents were cruel to her but it didn’t matter as long as they kept the orphan with them. They blamed her for every bad thing happening to them, whether it was his dad losing a major deal or a glass slipping away from her mother’s hand. They believed that fate had thrown them into a state of inferno after they had adopted her. 

She gulped down morsels of food in silence. Tears of hatred and pain were brimming in her eyes yet she didn’t let them flow. Crying was a symptom of the weak and she was strong. Strong enough to stand for herself and find a shelter in this kind world. But she couldn’t. Where would she go? Her friends would want to get rid of her within a few weeks. The orphanage won’t take her because she had passed the age limit of 15. The police would hand her back to her dad. She lived with a bunch of heartless fools but it was them; out of all the people, who adopted her. 

Shaking off the negative thoughts, she stepped out of her house. A place where everything seemed positive; a place where her dreams belonged and her parents didn’t. 

What is it?


Painted nails,

Sketched faces,

Plastered smiles,

Uncovered bodies,

Blood-smeared hands,

Honesty ends.

Prejudieced opinions,

Persisting racism,

Viscious intentions,

Greedy interventions,

Virtual life,

Sexual assault,

Merciless stance,

Facebook romance,

Evolving technology,

Undying poverty,

Fading religion.

Is that a society?
What is it?

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