Why is it so difficult to say NO.

Rejection appears to be the foremost cause of Failure as well as Success. It is that two letter word ‘NO’ that have shattered the dreams of many but have also made some reach greater echelons of life. Nonetheless, it is not easy to turn yourself away from those who, with hope and expectations high in their minds come to you to seek a favour, some help et al. It is not easy to say no to those whose circumstances are alien to you. 

Say No Positively

But tasting pain and rejection is an essential part of this chain called life. It’s the lethal bitterness that makes us appreciate what’s sweet. After all, we are humans equipped with reasoning and logic and we must come to terms with all the aspects of this humanity. 
Saying No is difficult and listening to it is beyond comprehensible limits. For instance, an xyz man may apply for his dream job for an xyz post in an xyz organization. He may file his resume with the anticipation of getting selected. He may pray for that, even. A ‘No’ or ‘Application Rejected’ is likely to agonize him. Either he may try harder or indulge in self destructive behavior like substance abuse, trauma, anxiety etc.  
Being polite, honest and humble is the first prerogative of breaking bad news, of saying NO. Tell them that they missed by 10%, that they are likely to achieve the desired target if they try harder and come back next time or you’re very sorry for it but you are sure that they are likely to excel some place else. 
Saying No is not easy, but sometimes necessary and inevitable. 

Book review : Gently falls the bakula


Gently falls the bakula, written by Sudha Murthy,  is a story of how a marriage loses it’s way due to critical self interests. It is a reflection of social reality.
In the sleepy town of Hubli, lived the two lovers Srikant and Srimati. They were neighbours and their families had been in a conflict since a long time. Srimati had a profound love for history whereas all what mattered to srikant was constant progress. Though the families didn’t go on well, the two were resolved to love each other for the rest of their lives. There stood a bakula tree in the centre of their veranda whose flowers bloomed and the fragrance of it lasted all year. Srikant was attracted to the bakula flower and Srimati always wore a flower on her hair. That bakula flower on Srimati’s long hair had made him fall for her.
After marriage, Srimati and Srikant moved to Mumbai,  then  called Bombay. Srimati was offered to study abroad but she simply denied the offer because of her dedication to her husband. She had given up her ambition, the first love of her life, history. Srikant was busy climbing the corporate ladder as fast as possible. He paid little or no attention to his wife and her concerns and would always drive away the idea of going to Hubli whenever she insisted. The pressure and rage inside srimati intensified. They had no kids and Srimati felt lonely. Her mother in law didn’t treat her the way she treated her own daughter.She had been bearing silently everything setting the example of a perfect wife. But for how long? Her talents were going futile.  She had a hard working husband, money but what was lacking was affection. She wanted someone to talk to her, to listen to what she has to say and appreciate her for what she had done. Srikant treated her like a secretary, except she wasn’t being paid for it. Attending Srikant’s guests, welcoming them, doing his  packing whenever he flew abroad, maintaining his schedule, all this was mocking her right into her face. And then came the time to put an end to this torture. She started picking fights, arguing, answering back at Srikant, flaring her anger, pleading and begging Srikant to take a few days off and stay home. His ignorant attitude towards his own wife had made Srimati take extreme steps. She corresponded with the Professor who had offered her to study abroad. She made all the arrangements and flew away, away from Srikant saying she isn’t sure when she shall return.The title fits the whole story perfectly. The bakula flower symbolises Srikant’s and Srimati’s love for one another. Since the flower wasn’t looked after well, it had fallen gently. Srimati going away came as a total shock to Srikant.

The story is written making use of straightforward language and simple, uncomplicated words. It pulls the emotional cords of our heart thus conveying the message. The beginning  is dull where Sudha Murthy describes the school life of the two characters. It makes you put down the novel and pick another one. But if you decide to continue reading it, the events and the rising action makes you sympathize with the central character Srimati. It is an open ended story with no concrete conclusion. The narrative style is engaging and simple. I’d rate the novel 3.5 out of five because although it highlights the social trauma effectively, the plot moves slowly and the exposition drowns you into sleep. If the story had a conclusion of Srikant realizing his mistakes and getting back with Srimati, I would have been happier. It makes you doleful and emotional. If that’s what the author had intended to do, then I would say, great job!

Allergic to ‘E’ challenge.


I don’t know if you know what I plan to say. All I know is I know what I say and what I say is unknown to you. Today is fourth of July. Third was an important day. It was my birthday. Although your sharp mind knows it all, your anonymity said all that you couldn’t. It had hurt this soul in a way nothing can. That’s unfair of you, that’s filthy.

Thank you Asil for the challenge. It was difficult framing sentences without an E. I hope I have succeeded in writing the paragraph.

What do you do in the Allergic To “E” Challenge?

Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)By reading this you are already signed up.Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.If you fail or pass, suffer in the Hall of NoobsIf you win, wallow in the Hall of WeYou will receive a pingback to your post to know if you have passed or failed.To make it easy for me to keep track of your progress, link it back to this post.

I nominate all those who read this post.