Things are beautiful until..

Until they end up with you, of course!

A week ago, I was invited for a party at my friend’s house which I would have enjoyed if she haven’t flaunted her lovely, stunning, beautiful, amazing, aesthetic, fabulous, divine finger ring. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was mine. I wanted it so badly and seeing it on my friend’s ugly hand, I was teleported to coma twice. Everyone was enjoying and I was pretending that I did. That ring didn’t leave my head for a second! It looked almost dreamlike. I haven’t liked anything more before. For once, I thought of stealing it away but shot the idea as soon as it came.
After the party was over , I went home and the first thing I did was convince my mom. I showed her the pic that I have taken after a lot of struggle and asked her to buy me the same ring. Then I pleaded. Then I begged. Then I was on my knees. After that, I threatened her to do awful things with myself until that goddamn ring wasn’t mine. I was its rightful owner after two days. Then what? I wasn’t jumping or dancing with happiness. I didn’t admire it all day either! I felt unremarkable and unexpectional! I got what I wanted,what more? What next?
I wrote about the incident and concluded that human beings can never be stastified. Their needs and desires will multiply but never come to an end. Comma will be a comma and not a full stop. Maybe it is true that the grass is always greener on the other side.

*note- my friend’s hand is not as ugly as I mentioned it to be. It’s monsterous!*

A quote a day challenge #Day3


Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam started his career as a newspaper vendor ending up becoming the first citizen of India and also it’s eleventh President. His life full of struggle and hard work never makes me stray the path of my dreams. He makes me believe everything is possible if worked for it diligently. An awesome “missile man” with awesome ideas!

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