The end.

Sun rays gently tap the serene sky as dawn descends. I haven’t slept for one minute the previous night yet I’m brimming with vigour. I think and over think the things I have done, the people I have hurt, unintentionally, or perhaps with bold intentions. I play the events of my life, from childhood to youth, in my mind, over and over again. I want another chance. For everything that I have done is wrong. Nothing feels right, nothing is right either.
I knew what I did was wrong but I did it out of habit. Out of necessity, maybe? Will all those pierced souls forgive me? Not in this world. I have hurt my enemies, my friends, my parents, my peers. Not one person connected to me have been left unhurt. And all along I have hurt myself. 
I want to repent for what I have done. Asking for forgiveness is a characteristic of the weak. I am not weak. I have the courage to trample a lion. This is how I am. This is how I have lived. This is me. I ask myself, is there any reason why I should continue when all the humble gentlemen out there wants to vanish me, not giving me another chance to mend my mistakes? Those men with masked gentleness. At least that’s where my plus point lies. I don’t fake around. Playing the role of  someone who I’m not. I’m bad. I show it and people know it. No denying it. No backstabbing.
I cry.  Fresh tears run down my tear stained face. What do I do? Where do I go? Why am I doing this? I don’t want to face the world. I want to change. If I try to be nice, those nice people will believe this is my another plot to a greater ploy. I’m tired of this lifestyle. I go to the restaurant, to the club, to the garden, to the movies, to the pub, I see a group of people sticking together. There’s this group and that group with none giving me much of a glance.

My brother’s death has given me a blow I have never had before. It has changed me ever since. I was  never this evil minded depressed person. A car had hit him and disappeared in the woolly weather. Spectacles gathered around the frozen body that had been lying there for 10 minutes. They oohed and aahed but no decent man considered it wise to call the police or an ambulence. Moreover nobody had seen the car come and to ask if they have noted down the car’s number would be a funny thing to say. If only they would have done something……
A life walked away in silence.
I hate everything and everyone. This being the reason why. I want to have my part of revenge. I want to teach this ugly world a lesson yet I want to show them what humanity really is. I want to take all their lives yet I want to be a better person. But who cares?
I’m toying with my sleeping pills. An overdose would kill me. Yes, I’m aware of that. To hell with it! I will consume all of them. I don’t wanna live in this mysterious world. Let my demise bring smiles on faces. Let darkness creep over with this rising sun. Let death rejoice over its victory.

(Note: this is a work of fiction. Theme and plot adheres to the writers imagination.)

My wake up call.


Nothing can give me the delight that coffee can! The joy of sipping a cup brimming with coffee early morning during monsoon. Aha! When I was reading my favourite book and savouring my coffee with the rains as my immediate companion, my phone buzzed. “Damn! Another email!“, I cursed under my breath. When I checked my cell phone, a text message smiled at me mockingly . I wondered who would want to disturb me at this time. None of my friends rose early. When I read the message, the source was of little importance. A couple of sentences so gloomy, it made my heart sore and moved me to tears. Considering it my responsibility to spread awareness, I passed it on to all my contacts.

The message read,
There lived a poor family consisting of five inhabitants, mother, father and three children. Father was ailing and this malady one-day resulted in his death. The breadwinner died and along with it died the sole source of income murdering their bread. Where would they go now? Neighbours minimised their agony by sending food to them for three days. After that came the days to starve. However, for some days, mother fetched for food and nourished their children. The question always pondered,”until when?” Ultimately, hunger plagued them and the 8 year old kid became bedridden. One fine day,the little girl barely five years old, asked her pale mother, ” Maa, when will poor brother die?”  These words left mother aghast. She was taken aback. She queried, “why are you asking this?” Innocently, the girl replied, “don’t you know, brother’s death will bring food in our house, the way father’s death did. Remember?”
The bottom line said, “Help the poor

I couldn’t hold back myself from crying. First, I cried contentedly. Second, I passed on the message to as many people as I can waking them up. And third, my coffee went cold. I’m still gripped with and dipped into skepticism. So many questions throw themselves on me at once. Why? Why do people suffer? Because they have to? Do they deserve that? Pshaw! No! Because they are compelled to. Place your self in the miseries of those who come to you with hope that today they will get a sound sleep without having to worry about the food that their stomach demands.

Food is one of our basic necessities and if there’s no food, will it be a life worth living? Ambitions and passions stands miles apart when compared to hunger. Is it their fault for being born this way? Or is it our fault for not helping them? It’s not that that we have to part with thousands of our money. Instead of discarding away the food that can no longer satiate us, we can pack the remains and give it to someone in need on our way back home. Instead of casting away old and worn out clothes, we can clothe the one who is trembling in windy winter nights. Tipping the hotel staff doesn’t bother us but giving the same amount to someone in need makes us think twice. Have we lost our minds? Or have we lost our humanity? Think about it! I am one of those who is nonchalant about it but I have resolved to act wisely.
“Help the poor”
Let us all be happy.
Let’s make this place a better place to live in.

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