How to be THE man every woman wants!

How to be THE man every woman wants!

The secret is here.


Sometimes, when I look at couples, I wonder how that man with no sense at all got that beautiful girl. It’s puzzling how opposites can really attract. But after consulting my pals, I came to know what exactly that guy did to attract that beautiful girl. It wasn’t difficult for him at all. In fact, it is not difficult for any guy to get a girl stuck in his web.

It is not good looks or money or habits that a girl looks in a guy. It is simplicity and confidence. I mean, it is as simple as that! There’s nothing NEW you need to do. To be the man she always wanted but never found, you should:

Be yourself

There is nothing more gross than pretending to be someone else. She is not stupid to buy your drama. Within moments, she will come to know about your acts. Then and there, you will lose your chance forever. Be yourself, buddy. It is so uncomfortable being someone you are not. Trying to be courteous and charming and a gentleman, just don’t do it. Throw all your acts in the dustbin and come out clean. There is nothing more charming than being yourself.

Be a man

You are a man and we know about the anger and desire that surges in you when you see something. But be mature enough to control your feelings. Being honest does not mean you will sit on a girl’s head if that’s your wish. Be a man who knows what to do. And by that I mean, be mature. Shoot some wisdom in your brain because we girls just love that!

Be ambitious

Another thing girls love to listen to is your thoughts about the future. She needs to be secure and safe with you. If you have mighty plans for the future, if you have ambitions and goals in life, a girl will automatically fall for you. But, don’t fake it. Don’t try to tell a girl, ‘One day I’m going to launch my missile.’ Come on! That’s highly impossible. Do something that is achievable, that is within your reach. And don’t just say, do it!

Don’t be a “Baby”

You must not act like a baby trapped in a man’s body. Throwing tantrums, crying, arguing, seeking attention all the time; that’s hell of a thing you must not do. These habits will make you look amateur, not a man who is ready for a relationship.

Be confident, be responsible

Don’t be a man who does not know how to behave in public, what to do when stuck, what food to order or where to take a woman on a date. Take full responsibility of yourself. Guard your decisions, actions and intentions. Girls observe very well. So if you hold someone else responsible for your failure, Bye! You are not the man she ever wanted or I’d say, you are the man she NEVER wanted!

Don’t be needy

Don’t tell a woman you can not stay without her on your first date. You barely know her and telling her this will give you a negative point. ‘I think of you everyday, I can’t live without you.’ Get a life dude! Keep your mouth shut rather than saying this. Be independent, I’m sure she will fall for you.

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Eat late but still lose weight!


With extended work and post-work obligations, we seldom don’t touch our meal before 9pm. While that might be true, it is also true when we start eating late night meals, we can’t control ourselves from swallowing down huge morsels of food because the pangs of hunger are so massive that we end up with a protruding belly and lots of fat belts all over our body. People say the key to weight loss is to eat less. But nutritionists say there is a secret way in which you can both eat late as well as control weight. It’s not about the time at which you eat, it’s about what’s hiding in your plate. If you are compelled to have late night meals, here’s what you must keep in mind if you want to keep your weight in check.

Don’t skip dinner

Not one of your best ideas. By skipping dinner, you are keeping your stomach from performing its task. If you go to bed with a growling stomach, you might have trouble sleeping. Your hunger will force you to get up after some hours and force you to feed your stomach. No matter how late it gets, skipping your meal cut back weight is not a good option. Skipping any one of your meals causes the sugar level in your body to rise up. You start feeling more tired and less active. It slows your metabolism and intellectual as well as emotional functioning. You lose your ability to focus. Remember when you deny your body for food, it keeps asking you for more.

Carbohydrates on your plate -NO

Dinner should consist of green veggies, protein-rich slim meal. Fatty foodstuff like meat and fish will cause numerous problems. Avoid oily food. Avoid Mexican, Thai, Chinese and fast foods. Avoid chocolate too. You can munch on fiber rich food like nuts because they tend to pass slowly through your stomach and keep you full for a long period.

Go for snacks

All snacks are not created equal. They are easy to digest and good enough to fill your stomach. You can sleep on sandwiches, popcorn, yoghurt, crackers, biscuits, a bowl of cereals and so many other snacks that you love. Fruits are filling and make great late night snack. Eat raw fruits like orange, banana, Apple, berries and grapes. If you don’t want something delicious, make a fruit salad or dice your fruit and eat it with low-fat yoghurt or butter.

Eating late and losing weight is possible!

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Social media distractions


Rantings of a social media addict who is never socially active. (Read twice to understand)

Alert : If you are a person whose day begins with “Facebook” instead of tea and toast and ends with “YouTube” rather than a long walk or daily soaps or whatever, you are warmly welcome to read this post.

Are you hysteric when it comes to social media? Are you glued to your smartphone or your laptop watching #Hudabeauty videos or stalking a friend and checking every picture from his picture library of 10000 pictures in detail? Does your mind shift to an auto pilot mode the moment you check your social media account and switch between them all day? Are you socially alert but inactive?

If your answer is a big YES (in bold with caps on) which undoubtedly is, you are my best friend. Perhaps, we can do these things together! We might also make small conversations which we usually don’t.

I’m not going to provide you a huge essay on why technology was invented, how it was invented and how we are misusing it. No, we are aware of it like a dog is aware of his master. Yet.

I’m not going to burden you by saying how you’re wasting your time and how you can make it more productive by doing other things. I won’t. Cause don’t I belong to our huge community of social maniacs?

We try. We try to talk. To take our eyes off makeup tutorials which are all same. To stop reading silly jokes which we know so well are not the least bit funny. To pay attention to what people say. To talk to guests when they come and avoid shutting ourselves up in our room with our one and only one love, our smartphone! To take our a** off the couch and do something. We fail because we actually don’t want to get up, read something offline, watch tv, play games, talk to someone, etc. etc. We try yet we fail. Our efforts, which are, as they say in Spanish, zilch, nada!

Here’s what happens:

Morning – Me checking Facebook

“My mind : There’s nothing to see, hon. Go get yourself ready. Look out the window. It’s such a lovely day!

Me : Will you shut up for a sec? I’m refreshing my posts.

** Calls out my mom from somewhere

My mind : She’s calling you. I told you there’s nothing. Don’t get stuck here.

Me : She does that everyday. She’s calling me to show and ask me about that yellow designer saree from Homeshop18. My mom’s just like me.

My mind : What are you learning from these?

Me : Can’t you see? They show us such funny videos and hair tutorials. You Hush and watch.

My mind : Have you ever tried any of them ever?

Me : I most definitely will. Waiting for the perfect occasion!

My mind : You’ve already watched so many videos, you should’ve been a professional by now.

Me :  This is NOT my forte. I’m gonna be an engineer!

My mind : Then why are you watching it in the first place?”

Social media is making us insecure, unhappy and bored. We creep into someone’s Instagram account, check their exclusive pics with glamorous dresses and feel sad for ourselves. It’s not just Instagram or Facebook. Every social media site makes us feel vulnerable. We believe the people who post more are happier. We are more religious and faithful to social media than to God! We are digitally active but socially, we’ve forgotten how to make a conversation, how to talk. We’re comfortable behind the blinds of what we call social media and when we meet someone personally,we feel awkward. It feels like being trapped. We are masking our true selves, our identity, our talents. The time we invest in looking someone else’s vacation pictures and leaving comments like “Awwh” and “Oooh” is the time we are wasting. We reject family dinners only to spend more time with our smartphones. We check our smartphones in the middle of a lecture, while driving, while romancing on a candlelight dinner only to know how someone’s puppy has fallen sick. FRUSTRATING!

There isn’t any need for me to tell you the toll social media is taking on us. This is simply a reality check for myself and a reminder for you. Now it all depends on how you take my words.

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Dinner Date..


Everything was just falling apart, their marriage, their bond everything. All the things that were once so dear to both of them meant nothing to them now. They never realized when love which they felt so strongly for each other just vanished into thin air, but it did and that too within 2 years of getting married. When everyone else were falling in and out of love all around the campus they were the ones whose love only grew with time. They were the couple who were destined to last forever. If only life was so simple and people less complicated. With marriage, problems crept in their lives, not a single day has passed wherein they don’t get into an argument which ends up into a screaming match between the two. It was not suppose to end like this they both knew it, but they couldn’t find the courage to…

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Improve Concentration, Improve Life!

Failures are not a result of your inability to work but of poor concentration and focus.


Concentration and memory are two of the most important functions of the brain. They promote critical thinking, help in effective decision making and accompanies you in reaching the zenith of success. Oftentimes we forget to wear our glasses or where we have parked our cars. This is because our mind was not focused in the first place. We forget to add salt in food and sometimes are confused while deciding what to eat or whom to vote for. Concentration is a feature of a sharp mind. It takes time to focus intensely on your work but half an hour of effort will pay off well. As we mature, we start losing memory and the capability to pay attention. We start using sticky notes and reminders to be aware of things that need to be done. But does that really increase your concentration?

Although difficult, cultivating focus, attention and concentration is not impossible. To begin with, you should stay physically fit by proper intake of nutrients and vitamins through a balanced diet, regular exercise and a minimum of 6 hours of sleep.

I’m going to share with you some worthy and valuable tips. If you follow them diligently, I’m sure you will achieve whatever you want.


Health is success – Your body affects the way you think. For e.g., consuming too much oil results in oily skin and heart diseases while a poor diet will decrease effective functioning of your brain. Include protein and calcium rich food, wake up early, cut down on your bad habits such as smoking and drinking and you will eventually notice the changes that will seep in your life.

Plan, Plan, Plan – Break down roadblocks that hinder your thinking process. Write down the things that annoy and disturb you. Similarly, work your day in advance so you know when to do what. If necessary, make use of sticky notes and set reminders but don’t completely rely on them.

Stay away from things and people that no longer serve you – Isolate yourself. If you know people are going to distract you while you work, shut yourself out until you complete your work. Switch off your phone if you need to and request people not to disturb you while you are at your work. Getting into a state of concentration takes 15-20 minutes but if you are constantly disturbed, how are you going to concentrate? Also, shut out disturbing memories – memories of someone’s death or departure. This is the time to focus.

Pick your environment – For me, my study table is the place where ideas rain in my mind. For you, it may be your garden or your balcony. Pick a place where you feel most at ease and where the possibility of disturbance is least.

Know what you’re working on/for – if you are not clear with your goals, is there any sense of locking yourself up and trying to do something which you have no idea about? Know if it’s your project or homework or writing a program or anything that matters to you the most. Divide your task into smaller tasks and focus on one at a time.

Procrastination is the thief of time–DO NOT DELAY! Set a deadline- A timeframe within which you will get your work done. This will increase your focus and concentration. A tight deadline is a savior when you lose sight of the bigger picture.

As it is rightly said , The formula for success is simple! Practice and concentration and MORE PRACTICE AND MORE CONCENTRATION.”

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Meet this generous man

“Love one another and help others to rise to the greatest levels simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” ~ Sai Baba

Chandrakant Sawant, in his mid sixties, a great devotee of Sai Baba, is setting an example for all of us by walking in Sai Baba’s footsteps. He is providing food for hundreds of starving poor men every day. But why is he doing this? Why is he spending his meagre income feeding other men rather than spending it on his family? What have made him such a faithful devotee of Sai Baba? How long will he ration out food for the destitute? Surely, these questions can be answered by the man himself.

In 1958, Chandrakant Sawant, living with his wife in Kandivali, had come to Malad, journeying the 4.3 km through train in the pursuit of his work. “I had cleared the boards of class seven from Lalbaug, Bombay. I frequented this place on the lookout for a better job and was very well familiar with it. I got down on the platform of the railway station and walked my way towards the market. The place used to be occupied with pedestrians and hawkers and still continues to be since both the market and the station intersected here. I had to cross the road to get to the other side and while doing so, a giant bus came towards me. It was a fight or flight situation but I stood there with fright. What was meant to happen, happened. The bus ran over me, severely fracturing my limbs and legs into bits and pieces”, narrates Mr. Sawant.

This unexpected tragedy had left Mrs Sawant in mock horror as it had been only a month and a half since their marriage. It was apparent that her husband would take six to eight weeks to recover from the accident. In fact, the doctors told him, the left side of his body would be paralyzed forever. Chandrakant had given up all hope of walking again but his wife did not. She had strong trust in Sai Baba and she was determined to see Mr. Sawant back to his jovial self. She visited the temple daily and prayed for her husband’s speedy recovery. She also vowed to feed five wretched stomachs every Sunday till Mr Sawant would be in the pink of health.

The injuries which would have taken minimum of six weeks to heal took half the time and Chandrakant was back to his usual self. The thoughts of his dysfunctional left body would never haunt him again.

He says, ” It is at the mercy of Sai Baba that I’m alive today. We ask him and he gives us. I came to know about my wife’s oath after returning home from the hospital and it touched my heart. I thought why feed only five men when we have one in every four going to bed on empty stomach? Why feed them only on Sundays when there are seven days in a week? I decided to take it one step ahead and cook food for the unprivileged every day. Initially, it would cost 250 rupees to feed 250 men but now for the same number it costs 1500 rupees. My wife and children are very happy and supportive. Isn’t that’s what all a man needs? Love, family support and happiness? I feel blessed.”

Along with eight mouths to feed at home, Chandrakant Sawant caters to the needs of hundreds of other penniless men among whom are beggars, old homeless folks, the needy as well as the greedy. Mr Sawant believes that the root cause of all the evil persisting in our society today is “hunger”. If a man’s stomach is yelling, so is his body. He will fight, steal, threaten and commit violence to keep himself alive. But when the root is eradicated, how will the tree sustain?

Mr Sawant is the Chairman of ‘Sai Mitra Mandal’ and the editor of ‘Riksha Chalak Sena, Maharashtra.’ To quote him, ” It has been thirty-two years and not a day have passed when I did not cook khichdi and puri for my brothers. The ultimate goal of life is happiness and this is just giving me that. I want to endure this work for the rest of my life. The world is one big family and if we won’t assist our family members then who would? I don’t have the lust for materialistic possessions. Helping the unfortunate gives me immense satisfaction and joy and it means more than anything else to me. I would like to tell people to give as much as you can but giving without expecting anything in return.”

Lucky are we to have a kind man with a noble heart amongst us. If you can’t help others to fly with you, then at least give them wings!

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LifeEventsObservation IS alive


It’s been a while, a long long while since I have blogged about a thing. It isn’t that I’m busy or writing takes up a lot of my time. Well, it does sometimes but..

And it isn’t that I don’t know what to write. I have so many ideas thumping in my mind but, the problem is, all of them vanish or get mixed up with other ideas that it becomes difficult for me to segregate one from another. And by the time I’m done with recalling my ideas, it’s time for me to sleep or go to work. A bad reason, isn’t it? I’m not sure if you guys still remember a blog called “Lifeeventsobservation” which used to be so alive sometime ago and now its holding onto life. An hour ago, I wrote an article on facing challenges and I’ll post it here once it’s published. But am I really motivated? My blog seems to be in a daze, like Mr. Gaunt from needful things have hypnotized it. Those who have read Stephen King’s Needful things will understand what I mean. By the way, I read an amazing thriller called Needful things. There’s a movie on it, I’ve watched that too and I must say its disappointing. There might not be advanced equipments and technology back then to depict the story realistically. Are you guys on Twitter? 

Do let me know your ID and pour topics on me so I can deliver some amazing content. 

Crying is good for health!



We cry when we are sad, when we feel vulnerable. Or sometimes we cry when we are happy. But we cry, once in a while, we all weep and sob. Letting tears flow in front of others embarrasses us but after a good cry, we feel cleansed and purified. Sometimes there is nothing to make you feel better than crying.
How long has it been since you’ve last cried? We give you ten good reasons to wail and moan and let the trickles of tears flow down your cheeks.


Have you ever noticed that after a good cry, a wave of relief passes through us? Research has found out that tears of stress and tears of particles irritating your eyes are not the same. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is released when you are under a lot of stress. Crying provoked by stress helps you get rid of this stress causing chemical. It can improve vision, can kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria in just five to 10 minutes.


An emotional downpour is a lot better than hiding your sorrow deep within your heart. We cannot hide our feelings forever. One day, we have to come to terms with our loss and let go. It will be in your best interest if you let go quickly. Better late than never!



Tears are the mark of power. It is a language the universe understands. Tears are the messengers of love, of grief, of pain. Confronting with your past and with your loss will definitely help you move ahead in life.


People who cry know the healing power of tears. Crying allows for an overall release of bad emotion. We think more clearly and our brain is not clogged with all the emotional trauma.


A mineral called manganese is responsible for our mood. High levels of manganese can cause stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotional disturbances etc. Crying lowers a person’s manganese level and lifts up the mood. It is 30 times more concentrated in tears than in blood.
Never be ashamed or afraid to express your feelings and never ever feel weak when you cry because it proves that you are a human. And humans feel!
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