Gender neutral toys?

Yes Maleism

Boys play with guns and girls play with dolls. This has forever been the idea and the marketing strategy of toy producing companies all over the world. Because girls indeed like to play with dolls and boys with guns, companies have to market their products in a way that will appeal their target group.

Feminists have had a problem with everything men do. From the way they sit, the way they look, the clothes they wear, the way they tie their shoelace, the color they like to now the toys that they play with. This spreading umbrella of feminism has made manufacturers think twice before coming out with another clone of barbie or another model of an AK-47!

For instance, a Swedish toy making company has released what they are calling a ‘gender neutral’ catalogue. But what they really have done is reversed gender roles by taking guns away from…

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The Second World War fought from 1939 to 1945 was a bloody affair between most of the countries across the world. Sure, USA with the republican government and USSR with the communist government emerged as super powers, but only those who witnessed the Second World War really knew how it felt to lose millions of lives and see the economy of the country slump. In reality, each country was a loser.
In the wake of this brutal affair, the European Coal and Steel company started uniting countries of Europe to bring them together and promote peaceful relations between them. This coalition of countries was formed in 1993 under the name ‘European Union (EU).’
The first six countries which came together were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The European Union exterminated custom duties and agreed to pool in their agricultural resources so that no member country would starve to death. More and more countries started joining the European Union. Soon, a ‘Single Market’ was created so that countries would freely trade with each other without any trade barriers. There was freedom of movement of people, goods, services and money. In addition, money was sent to poor countries to enhance their economy and create job opportunities.

Countries in EU

Fast forwarding to 2012, the European Union was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for obvious reasons. However, due to fanaticism, bigotry and religious extremism rising from the Middle East, citizens started fleeing to European countries. This, in turn, gave rise to an increase in the number of refugees and European Countries became the target of terror attacks. This is one of the main reasons why Britain exited the European Union.

The global financial crisis of 2008, also known as the Great Recession crippled many economies. Inflation rose, taxes increased and rich countries of the EU such as the UK had to bail out their poor counterparts. In search of jobs, in search of peace and in search of permanent settlement, migration of people from poor countries to rich countries took place. The population of UK skyrocketed. This was the second major reason why Britain exited the European Union.


The first referendum in the UK was held in 1972 under the rule of the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson. This referendum was supposed to answer the question, “Should UK continue to be a part of the European union?” The population favored EU and 67% people voted to remain. Since then, UK was a member of the EU. 
The past few weeks saw disturbance, distress and distraction. It all began with the increased migration of people creating a dearth of jobs for local Britons. Britain could not handle these refugees and the pressure from opposition parties on the ruling party increased.
David Cameron called for a referendum because :
1) He wanted to preclude interference from the Euro sceptic anti-European UK Independent Party.
2) He was confident that people will not vote for ‘Brexit,(Britain’s exit from the European Union)’
the way it happened earlier.
The country landed into confusion. Should Britain vote out or continue to maintain 40 year old ties with the European Union? David Cameron warned the citizens against Brexit while United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage and former London Mayor Boris Johnson called the voting day ‘The Independence Day’ for Britain. People immediately connected with this patriotic sentiment, without bothering to understand the nagging effects Brexit could have. He also stoked fear among the population by claiming  “The Turks are coming.” Brexit could mean inflation, loss of access to the Single Market, loss of Export opportunities and a smaller mark in the world.


Britons, however failed to understand these consequences. There was a stampede of ideas, of opinions and of campaigns. Hours after a clueless population voted for Brexit, they googled what is EU? And what will happen now that we have voted to leave the European Union? Google search trends showed 250% increase apropos this question. People who voted for Brexit actually did not know what it was all about and after the results were out, they wished they could take back their votes.
Mr. Cameron said, “This is it. If we leave now, there’s no turning back.” But his advice fell on deaf years. On June 26, 2016, the results were announced. The country was divided. 51.9% voted Brexit while 48.1% voted to remain. The votes also clarified the sharp generation divide that exists in Britain. The young opted staying in while the old opted voting out. “We are not on Facebook, where things are complicated. We are married or divorced, but not something in between,” Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said.


Soon after Brexit, the value of pound went 30 years lower. The value of houses went 18% lower and many entrepreneurs lost money. The EU, as a whole is Britain’s major trading partner with 44% exports and 53% imports of goods and services. Britain will now have to find new trading partners. About 1.2 million Britons are living in other European countries without any hassle. This is going to change. In addition, the world is forced to tend to its scars that has occurred as a result of Brexit.


People are anguished and many are blaming the media. Because it was the media’s responsibility to mirror the society, to unveil the truth and not take sides. Instead of warning people, instead of clearly telling them what they were heading for, the media mollycoddled people’s decision to exit. The British media failed to do its job and is largely responsible for swaying public opinion. It missed the real story behind Brexit.
Apart from all these, Scotland is hurt. Scotland, being a part of Britain wanted to remain with European Union. Since UK, is heading for an exit, Scotland has no choice and no say in it, whatsoever. Besides, London, too wants to be a part of the European Union. Lakhs of people are signing a petition for a second referendum which is highly unlikely. Scotland is persisting to go solo. Also, Brexit is having a domino effect. Many EU countries wants a ‘UK-style referendum.’ EU countries are either going to be united stronger than ever or are going to step out one by one.
There are advantages of Brexit but so few, we can count them on our fingers. Britain will save some pounds by not contributing to the EU. Britain is loaded with ample opportunities to strike deals and find trading partners. There will be less regulations and migration will cease. If Britain wants to access the Single Market of EU, it will have to allow free movement of labor but that’s not why Brexit happened in the first place.
European Union is going to drop English as its official language. It is asking Britain to leave as early as possible. There will be negotiations but we do not know which side will gain more. Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned. Nigle Farage, one of the man behind coining Brexit, has also stepped down as the leader of UKIP. The fate of Britain, now rests in unknown hands.
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The NCAP (National Civil Aviation Policy) is a futuristic approach that is likely to boost India’s economy and improve regional connectivity. The policy is also expected to increase tourist activities.
Before the Modi-led NDA government approved the policy, domestic airlines were mandated to have 20 aircrafts and a minimum 5 years of experience in order to fly internationally.
The NCAP has scrapped away the 5/20 rule, replacing it with 0/20. Now, domestic airlines won’t have to wait for 5 long years to operate internationally. But they must have a fleet size of 20, deploying 20% of seat capacity locally.
The new clause also attempts to improve regional connectivity by offering cheap travel – Rs. 2500 for one hour flights. It has also cut down baggage costs to Rs. 100 per extra kg. However, the ambition to hike domestic tickets to 30 Million from 8 Million in 5 years seem distant and unreal.
The government is also expected to build 50-80 no frills airport in unreserved and unconnected areas, cities and towns that did not have an airport earlier. The government has, however, overlooked certain issues. There are questions about manufacturing 20 aircrafts, maintenance and spurring oil prices. Will it fuel ticket costs? The question remains unanswered. Albeit to its charismatic appeal, the NCAP has certain gaps that needs to be filled.
The policy that had been in a subject of battle, was opposed by legacy airlines viz. Air India, Spice Jet, and others as it will hamper their profits. Now, with the 5/20 rule abolished, newly born airlines viz. AirAsia and Vistara have a sizeable opportunity to multiply profits.
Though late by a few years, which is common in the Indian democracy, the civil aviation policy will hopefully help the country realize it’s true potential.

How to be THE man every woman wants!

How to be THE man every woman wants!

The secret is here.


Sometimes, when I look at couples, I wonder how that man with no sense at all got that beautiful girl. It’s puzzling how opposites can really attract. But after consulting my pals, I came to know what exactly that guy did to attract that beautiful girl. It wasn’t difficult for him at all. In fact, it is not difficult for any guy to get a girl stuck in his web.

It is not good looks or money or habits that a girl looks in a guy. It is simplicity and confidence. I mean, it is as simple as that! There’s nothing NEW you need to do. To be the man she always wanted but never found, you should:

Be yourself

There is nothing more gross than pretending to be someone else. She is not stupid to buy your drama. Within moments, she will come to know about your acts. Then and there, you will lose your chance forever. Be yourself, buddy. It is so uncomfortable being someone you are not. Trying to be courteous and charming and a gentleman, just don’t do it. Throw all your acts in the dustbin and come out clean. There is nothing more charming than being yourself.

Be a man

You are a man and we know about the anger and desire that surges in you when you see something. But be mature enough to control your feelings. Being honest does not mean you will sit on a girl’s head if that’s your wish. Be a man who knows what to do. And by that I mean, be mature. Shoot some wisdom in your brain because we girls just love that!

Be ambitious

Another thing girls love to listen to is your thoughts about the future. She needs to be secure and safe with you. If you have mighty plans for the future, if you have ambitions and goals in life, a girl will automatically fall for you. But, don’t fake it. Don’t try to tell a girl, ‘One day I’m going to launch my missile.’ Come on! That’s highly impossible. Do something that is achievable, that is within your reach. And don’t just say, do it!

Don’t be a “Baby”

You must not act like a baby trapped in a man’s body. Throwing tantrums, crying, arguing, seeking attention all the time; that’s hell of a thing you must not do. These habits will make you look amateur, not a man who is ready for a relationship.

Be confident, be responsible

Don’t be a man who does not know how to behave in public, what to do when stuck, what food to order or where to take a woman on a date. Take full responsibility of yourself. Guard your decisions, actions and intentions. Girls observe very well. So if you hold someone else responsible for your failure, Bye! You are not the man she ever wanted or I’d say, you are the man she NEVER wanted!

Don’t be needy

Don’t tell a woman you can not stay without her on your first date. You barely know her and telling her this will give you a negative point. ‘I think of you everyday, I can’t live without you.’ Get a life dude! Keep your mouth shut rather than saying this. Be independent, I’m sure she will fall for you.

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Eat late but still lose weight!


With extended work and post-work obligations, we seldom don’t touch our meal before 9pm. While that might be true, it is also true when we start eating late night meals, we can’t control ourselves from swallowing down huge morsels of food because the pangs of hunger are so massive that we end up with a protruding belly and lots of fat belts all over our body. People say the key to weight loss is to eat less. But nutritionists say there is a secret way in which you can both eat late as well as control weight. It’s not about the time at which you eat, it’s about what’s hiding in your plate. If you are compelled to have late night meals, here’s what you must keep in mind if you want to keep your weight in check.

Don’t skip dinner

Not one of your best ideas. By skipping dinner, you are keeping your stomach from performing its task. If you go to bed with a growling stomach, you might have trouble sleeping. Your hunger will force you to get up after some hours and force you to feed your stomach. No matter how late it gets, skipping your meal cut back weight is not a good option. Skipping any one of your meals causes the sugar level in your body to rise up. You start feeling more tired and less active. It slows your metabolism and intellectual as well as emotional functioning. You lose your ability to focus. Remember when you deny your body for food, it keeps asking you for more.

Carbohydrates on your plate -NO

Dinner should consist of green veggies, protein-rich slim meal. Fatty foodstuff like meat and fish will cause numerous problems. Avoid oily food. Avoid Mexican, Thai, Chinese and fast foods. Avoid chocolate too. You can munch on fiber rich food like nuts because they tend to pass slowly through your stomach and keep you full for a long period.

Go for snacks

All snacks are not created equal. They are easy to digest and good enough to fill your stomach. You can sleep on sandwiches, popcorn, yoghurt, crackers, biscuits, a bowl of cereals and so many other snacks that you love. Fruits are filling and make great late night snack. Eat raw fruits like orange, banana, Apple, berries and grapes. If you don’t want something delicious, make a fruit salad or dice your fruit and eat it with low-fat yoghurt or butter.

Eating late and losing weight is possible!

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Social media distractions


Rantings of a social media addict who is never socially active. (Read twice to understand)

Alert : If you are a person whose day begins with “Facebook” instead of tea and toast and ends with “YouTube” rather than a long walk or daily soaps or whatever, you are warmly welcome to read this post.

Are you hysteric when it comes to social media? Are you glued to your smartphone or your laptop watching #Hudabeauty videos or stalking a friend and checking every picture from his picture library of 10000 pictures in detail? Does your mind shift to an auto pilot mode the moment you check your social media account and switch between them all day? Are you socially alert but inactive?

If your answer is a big YES (in bold with caps on) which undoubtedly is, you are my best friend. Perhaps, we can do these things together! We might also make small conversations which we usually don’t.

I’m not going to provide you a huge essay on why technology was invented, how it was invented and how we are misusing it. No, we are aware of it like a dog is aware of his master. Yet.

I’m not going to burden you by saying how you’re wasting your time and how you can make it more productive by doing other things. I won’t. Cause don’t I belong to our huge community of social maniacs?

We try. We try to talk. To take our eyes off makeup tutorials which are all same. To stop reading silly jokes which we know so well are not the least bit funny. To pay attention to what people say. To talk to guests when they come and avoid shutting ourselves up in our room with our one and only one love, our smartphone! To take our a** off the couch and do something. We fail because we actually don’t want to get up, read something offline, watch tv, play games, talk to someone, etc. etc. We try yet we fail. Our efforts, which are, as they say in Spanish, zilch, nada!

Here’s what happens:

Morning – Me checking Facebook

“My mind : There’s nothing to see, hon. Go get yourself ready. Look out the window. It’s such a lovely day!

Me : Will you shut up for a sec? I’m refreshing my posts.

** Calls out my mom from somewhere

My mind : She’s calling you. I told you there’s nothing. Don’t get stuck here.

Me : She does that everyday. She’s calling me to show and ask me about that yellow designer saree from Homeshop18. My mom’s just like me.

My mind : What are you learning from these?

Me : Can’t you see? They show us such funny videos and hair tutorials. You Hush and watch.

My mind : Have you ever tried any of them ever?

Me : I most definitely will. Waiting for the perfect occasion!

My mind : You’ve already watched so many videos, you should’ve been a professional by now.

Me :  This is NOT my forte. I’m gonna be an engineer!

My mind : Then why are you watching it in the first place?”

Social media is making us insecure, unhappy and bored. We creep into someone’s Instagram account, check their exclusive pics with glamorous dresses and feel sad for ourselves. It’s not just Instagram or Facebook. Every social media site makes us feel vulnerable. We believe the people who post more are happier. We are more religious and faithful to social media than to God! We are digitally active but socially, we’ve forgotten how to make a conversation, how to talk. We’re comfortable behind the blinds of what we call social media and when we meet someone personally,we feel awkward. It feels like being trapped. We are masking our true selves, our identity, our talents. The time we invest in looking someone else’s vacation pictures and leaving comments like “Awwh” and “Oooh” is the time we are wasting. We reject family dinners only to spend more time with our smartphones. We check our smartphones in the middle of a lecture, while driving, while romancing on a candlelight dinner only to know how someone’s puppy has fallen sick. FRUSTRATING!

There isn’t any need for me to tell you the toll social media is taking on us. This is simply a reality check for myself and a reminder for you. Now it all depends on how you take my words.

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Dinner Date..


Everything was just falling apart, their marriage, their bond everything. All the things that were once so dear to both of them meant nothing to them now. They never realized when love which they felt so strongly for each other just vanished into thin air, but it did and that too within 2 years of getting married. When everyone else were falling in and out of love all around the campus they were the ones whose love only grew with time. They were the couple who were destined to last forever. If only life was so simple and people less complicated. With marriage, problems crept in their lives, not a single day has passed wherein they don’t get into an argument which ends up into a screaming match between the two. It was not suppose to end like this they both knew it, but they couldn’t find the courage to…

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