Dinner Date..


Everything was just falling apart, their marriage, their bond everything. All the things that were once so dear to both of them meant nothing to them now. They never realized when love which they felt so strongly for each other just vanished into thin air, but it did and that too within 2 years of getting married. When everyone else were falling in and out of love all around the campus they were the ones whose love only grew with time. They were the couple who were destined to last forever. If only life was so simple and people less complicated. With marriage, problems crept in their lives, not a single day has passed wherein they don’t get into an argument which ends up into a screaming match between the two. It was not suppose to end like this they both knew it, but they couldn’t find the courage to…

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Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

2 thoughts on “Dinner Date..”

  1. Watching ‘FAN’ right now…
    It’s just amazing and mind blowing…
    I will give it three stars out of five.
    You can also watch it live at your place. Just switch it on and it will start revolving at an amazing speed on the ceiling!!!😃

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