Raise Your Voice. NOW!!


Dear women, aren’t you outraged when men shamelessly stare at your body, try to touch you and pass dirty comments when you walk by? Why are we letting such things happen? Why is a women beaten, harassed, raped, killed and looked down upon? Why are we not doing anything for our countrywomen who are living at the mercy of their husbands? We should demand our rights for life and liberty. We should not let this torture become a legacy. 70% of the women in our country are the victims of rape and forced sex. It’s high time that we stop being a silent spectator. It’s time to act and the time is NOW!
Join the forum and voice your issues. Let us all help each other.

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Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

21 thoughts on “Raise Your Voice. NOW!!”

  1. It is sad, really, the things women go through. In part, I suppose, fathers did not teach the sons to honor the Mother. I think of my Mother, and doing so, think of my Sisters. It is a disrespect to Motherhood if you don’t treat women with respect. It is hard battleground to stand up against such things. Because lecherous men will band together. Will insist on objectifying the woman. It isn’t right, and it has produced women who objectify men. What a world……

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      1. Thank you 🙂 I will surely do that
        Thanks for sharing and you are not alone… This is going to be a long fight !!
        God bless you


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