Happy New year!

2015 is dead. We have lived past yet another 365 days and breathed 21,900 minutes. It is a time to raise our glasses and cheer for the achievements we have accomplished, if any. It is a time for celebration. Beautiful memories have been made and sorrowful tears have been shed. The worst is over. Yet, it is a time for grievance. For what we resolved to do but, didn’t. For what we have set out to do 365 days ago. For the broken promises we made with our solemn selves.

2016 will bring a wave of opportunities, of hopes, of dreams, of possibilities. The choice is ours. Either to make the most of it or to let it pass by, the way we did in 2015. We are going to open the first blank page of a 365 page book. Hope we write a good one. Hope we take the road less travelled. Hope we pursue our dreams and supervene our resolutions which have been, perhaps involuntarily, shooed away somehow, somewhere. A new year is going to open up chances for a better life, which cannot be harnessed with the same ancient habits. Few things look better, when changed.

A lot had trespassed. 2015 had given us ample to cry over and plenty to laugh at. Each of us has a unique story to relate. Many had bade our loved ones goodbye while many had found the love of their lives. An untraveled path to a mysterious destination is going to unfold. We need to know that everything happens for a reason. None can trample the past. It has shaped our present and our present will shape our future.

So make sure, you take your decisions wisely. You face your challenges bravely. And you accept your defeats happily. Summon up all your senses and carve your little self into something you wished to be. Don’t forget the dreams (Mummy, when I grow up, I’ll be a pilot) you were so crazy about, as a seven-year old. Bring back that desirous and gung ho child back. Live your dreams. Rise in the eyes of others. Do it for your mother, or father, or wife or children. Do it for yourself. Make 2016 the best year of your life.

Wishing you a Happy And a Prosperous New Year

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Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

38 thoughts on “Happy New year!”

  1. My ANswer to your previous blog under “Rape” Untitled:

    Unnamed City, Unnamed University, Unnamed Victim

    She lies back, angel wings spread, feet flat, but
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    Here, where rules so outdated they make the Catholics
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    You don’t have to cry about this, many already have.
    These “men” walk free to start university life, having
    completed “Membership Training,” the custom in which
    families pay extra for weekend retreats and the school
    sanctions and organizes: alcohol, food, pajamas, rape?

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