A peaceful life, for her, is but a dreamland. Ghastly memories surround her all the time yet the present is way more daunting. Where Will she go? What will she do? Who will help her? She will not answer these questions. If she had an answer…

She will smile through the ocean of tears moistening her face. She will look at the wicked world with surprising courage. She will not dare to give up. She will not lower her eyes from the scrutinizing gaze of people. She will look them in the eyes and smile. She Will be strong, albeit the pain. She will fight for education. She will fight for right. She will fight for justice. She will raise her voice if someone calls her dirty. Herself is her inspiration. She has resolved to fight until the very last beat of her heart.

So what if she has been raped?

She will not live in misery. She will keep fighting.

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Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

9 thoughts on “Untitled.”

  1. Great post
    Rape is a big problem for the psychological status of a female..moreover society itself is a problem
    Such females should face society without fear..
    In our eastern societies we as females should not be coward as long as we do the right..
    As for me ..after the death of my husband( more than a year ago) ..at first I was afraid to face society alone…and to be responsible for my children alone…but step by step I faced my fears and felt that I am strong enough to go through life alone..
    Thanks Allah.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful. The world is in much need for writers like you. Bravo! Have a look at my page as well, would greatly appreciate to hear the views of such a wonderful blogger.

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