Fever in Fashion

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He followed me wherever I went. Why he did whatever he did was beyond my comprehension. Was it because the ankle length dress that I wore hugged my body and attracted attention? Or was it because I wore black and black was liked by him and his huge merciless clan? It was possible that my blood tasted sweet and he liked slurping it! I just couldn’t hint at the answer. I kept wondering and wondering till he followed me even to the bathroom. I struggled to battle him but he was mighty faster than me. He could go from my left to right and back to left in the fraction of a second making me a silent spectator. I wasn’t dreaming this. How could I be dreaming such a moment that happened with almost every other person on this planet. Things were for real, he was for real. He came near my face and looked at me in the eye. “Why out of thousands of people was I his victim today?” I wondered aloud. I tried every possible means to slaughter him but luck wasn’t on my side. He would go away for a while then return back and haunt me with blood in his loathsome mouth. So far, I haven’t let him touch me but if he hovered around me continually for hours, I would have to give up. AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. When my instincts told me he was gone, I searched for him all over the place including kitchen cabinets, sink, under the bed, window sill and the commode so I would close all doors and seal all cracks restricting his entrance in my house. After an hour of investigation, I couldn’t find a trace of him. I did the best of what I could. The devil could enter from the tiniest of spaces. I prayed to God and slept soundly. I didn’t know when or how he entered my room without making the trademark buzzing sound. I simply could not apprehend where he’d bit me with those proboscis. All I knew was that now his blood was in my veins and mine in his. The week passed by safely. I got rid of the ghastly pink blisters but I couldn’t do away with the impure blood running under my skin. In spite of the precautionary measures that I took against him, the move had been made and the damage done. I felt a wave of nausea overtake me, then there was severe fever and vomiting.  The thing I was most scared of was confirmed. I had contracted dengue fever. The black mosquito(the bastard) with white stripes on his legs and throat had succeeded in his mission and I had failed.

(I’m extremely sorry to disappoint you with the ending but it is important to know that dengue is on the rise especially in India. It is a lethal disease and almost half the population of the world is threatened by it. Caused by the Aedes mosquito,dengue fever usually occur after an incubation period of four to seven days after the bite of the infected mosquito. The symptoms include severe fever, chills, headache, pain in limbs and joints, muscular pain, pain behind the eyes nausea, vomiting and rashes on the skin. The effect is torturing with speedy decline in the count of blood platelets, loss of appetite, restlessness, low blood pressure and weakness. After you’ve contracted the dengue fever, it is highly advised to avoid eating solid food. For at least four days, intake of liquids such as juices(Apple, pomegranate, coconut water, kiwi, Dragon fruit, energy drink, lots of water, two spoonful of papaya leaf extract twice a day, goat’s milk etc.) and rest is highly recommended. Non-veg and spicy food are to be avoided. There is no medicine invented till date that could curb the disease. 

It is always better to prevent the disease from tormenting you than curing it.) 🙂

Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

45 thoughts on “Fever in Fashion”

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