Art is Art. Everything else is everything else.

Very few people possess true artistic ability. One of them is my friend Surabhi whose art can transform misery into joy. Her sketches and landscapes are simply perfect. The crafty strokes of her paint brushes had made my eyes go wide with amazement and my lips stretched into a big “O”.
Here’s a pencil sketch of mine with which she has left me flabbergasted!

Ditto, isn't it?

And how much does she charge? A mere 300 rupees!($4.5)Β  She can wrap you into canvass using charcoal sticks, pencil, oil paint, acrylic, crayons,wax, you name it!

Hats off to this alluring talent!


If you desire to hold a beautiful sketch of yourself or your loved ones in your hand, email me at

Post title : Ad ReinhardtΒ 

Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

60 thoughts on “Art is Art. Everything else is everything else.”

      1. Haha that’s a small hobbie of mine… Mine is a science and technology blog,,,, displaying my artwork is a pretty good idea, maybe I should think of it… Though I am not as good as your friend at it…

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      2. Aww! I empathize with you. Once you are out of your hectic schedule you can start pursuing your hobby again. It’s never too late and never too early.


      3. Haha… This schedule is never ending, many other interests covered this, may be those are reflected in my blog… So, how’s my blog? I mean, did you feel like worth reading?

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      4. Of course yes. You provide readers with information so different that when I read something unknown like this, I go on telling it to everybody, boasting my knowledge when in fact I’ve read all those cool stuff on your blog. πŸ˜€

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      5. Wow… I feel great… A very good and popular blogger praised my blog… Thank you so much…
        By the way, after a long time I took out my painting book which I started when I was in 4 standard… πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

        Liked by 2 people

      6. Haha… No one asks me to show my painting now hehe you asked big girl thank you,,, Are you on Twitter or Facebook? May be I can show my painting there.. Only if you don’t mind..😊😊

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