To pass an exam without studying!

You read it right! You won’t be suffering from any sort of ailment that you usually do when your book is in your hand especially while preparing for an examination. I’m not going to blow a magic mantra on you, I wish I knew one myself! I’m going to teach you tips and tricks to cheat during an exam. Sounds cool right?

No.1. The magic phone


Clicking pictures of your not so favourite answers on your cell phone and then thumping it down in your paper. If you aren’t skilled enough to do it in the classroom, why not make Β use of the restroom?

No2. Chits for cheats


If that hot-headed professor of yours doesn’t permit you to carry your mobile phone with you, then don’t be disappointed. We have many more options to explore. Write your pointers on a chit of paper and hide it someplace in the washroom. Whenever you aren’t sure what points comes next, attend the nature’s call. 😜

No.3. The forearm technique


Write as much as you can on your bulky forearm in tiny font so you get to write as many answers as possible. Cover it up wearing a full sleeved tee or a shirt. If you feel you need a glimpse, roll up your sleeve and rock on!!

No.4 Girls! Crazy about scarves?


If yes then you are rescued and if not then grab one already. Dig in your wireless Bluetooth in your ear and secure your scarf around your head. Call your friend sitting just like you at the other end and get started.

No.5 Β my favourite. *highly recommended for students bad at formulas*

Writing on the sides of your fingers. It works best for writing formulas and keywords as there’s restricted usage of space. For your better understanding, here’s a pic.👇


No.6. Desk service.


Never scribble words on the desk with a pen. It catchy and there are high risks of you been found guilty. If you want an easier way out, use a pencil and when a professor comes to check on you, erase it.

No.7. Don’t.


Never pass on your answer sheet to your friend if you are not 100% sure of getting it back. Getting low grades is better than scoring a big zero.

No8. eye contact.

Behave as if you aren’t doing anything unusual. Do not look at the examiner for more than five seconds. Professors keep a sharp eye toward any untoward activity. Stay calm. Don’t look suspicious.

No.9. Inside your shoe you will find a clue.

Interesting. πŸ˜€
Professor! What's going on here!?

Keep your little chit bit inside your shoe like the picture below. Or you can place it in your socks vertically a little exposed at the rim so that you can pull up your sock, no, pull up your chit as and when you want!

10. Students actually use this trick.


Well, I’m speechless.

Note: I do not encourage dishonest and illegal practices. I’m an honest and a Β hard-working person who have used some of the above tricks twice or thrice during class tests.Β Β 
Students caught copying by the vigilance squad is given a three-year imprisonment as per the current practice. Besides, if an educational institute avoids giving any sort of information asked by parents or students or misleads them, then one pay hike of the respective official of the educational institute is stopped. For supervisors, who ignore irregularities or cheating happening during examination, his remuneration is cancelled.Β 

Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

70 thoughts on “To pass an exam without studying!”

    1. And I have been helping people in writing answers and taking risks. I do not do it because I like cheating but because I don’t like looking at their puppy faces begging me to show just the first word. πŸ˜€

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  1. Hahah nicee! When you are learning medicine the thing is you have NO IDEA what to write and keep beforehand! One of my friends used to write on her thigh and I remember one professor almost caught her but couldn’t phrase his words to ask her to pull up her skirt. Thank god for unnecessary modesty. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hehehe!! I didn’t mention one more trick here as I was very ashamed to do write it in words. Students also hide chits in their undergarments and they have told me they do that. This is not only about guys but about girls too.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Saiz,
      This is a light hearted piece to remind readers of the technique that they used or have seen their friends do it. And I have clearly mentioned in the note that I discourage extreme practices.


  2. Haha very funny, but seriously if we use the same art of cheating to remember our answers, that might be easy…😜😜 you took some the pictures right!! For this post… Very nice..

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  3. I will tell you a funny story related to this. So a friend of mine was writing a replacement exam and there was another girl in front of him writing the exam also. It was just two of them in a room. So, he asked her for the answer sheet but she refused (professor went out of the class) so he just got up and snatched the sheet, looked at the answer and gave it back. He told her even if you tell the professor, you do not have a proof that I did it hahaha. Anyways, I have seen much worse. Have a great day. Best wishes and regards.

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  4. Reminds me of this one time I wrote down the entire re-activity series of the elements on the inside of my palms. It ended up not being needed, but i never got caught either πŸ˜‰

    Nice post, don’t know how helpful it is to most though.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. It’s seriously uncool to do all these but then I wanted to experience what it felt like πŸ˜› So tried couple of times.No no, not justifying. We were all scums in school anyways πŸ˜›

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