A qoute a day challenge #Day 2

Courtesy: http://www.buzzle.com

Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.
                 –Paulo Coelho

The brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is an author of more than 25 books. His words have a lasting impact on me and his books are a great source of inspiration that gives inner harmony and peace. The Alchemist is still my favourite!

Author: Alisha

A writer living in Mumbai.

10 thoughts on “A qoute a day challenge #Day 2”

  1. Alisha,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful quotes with all of us.
    As you know, recently I have published very important and informative post, so, I wish, whenever, you have spare time, please feel free to visit my blog and read it, eagerly awaiting to read your feed back on it.
    wishing you all the best……………..

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